Jan. 19th, 2017

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1. I seem to have been able to fix my car* for $3.

Back when my current round o' car problems started, I mentioned the matter to [personal profile] sovay's father (the mad engineer), who also referred me to her brother (also a mad engineer, as well as a former Mazda** devotee). They had various suggestions, but one common to both was, "You might have water in your gas tank. Try some dry gas."

And then I sat on this problem for a few weeks, because I don't drive my car that often, and also there was Arisia (And yes, I still owe you a post on the subject); and then it was this week, and the point at which I was gonna have to drive up to Nashua (viz., tomorrow) rapidly approaching. So I called my mechanic, but first I called [personal profile] sovay's brother, and basically cried pathetically for help.
"Did you try adding dry gas?" he asked.
"ummm, no," I admitted, depressedly.
Welp, he wasn't sure anymore what was wrong with it, but he said he'd try HIS brother-in-law. I gloomily resigned myself to taking the thing to a mechanic, and then possibly having them tell me they'd need to order a part; but first, in the interests of leaving no stone unturned, went over to my local gas station and got some dry gas.

The problem went away instantly.
To be sure, I took it on the highway. Still no major problems.

I stopped at a convenient parking lot and texted Sovay's brother "Well, dip me in chalk and call me a limestone conglomerate! The dry gas did the trick."

So fingers crossed, I will make it to Nashua tomorrow.

2. It looks like my insurance is actually paying for physical therapy! Yay!
And my ankle is somewhat better, though still by no means at 100%. Oh well, PT tonight!

3. Meantime, as usual in times of crisis, today at work featured an invasion by various representatives of Upper Management. This time, though, they were acting suspiciously as though they were thinking of terminating our contract.
Everyone else to whom this has occurred is, fairly reasonably, freaked out. I, however, am cool with it. Well, provided it gets me laid off, rather than fired or required to move to some different location. This has been a sucky job, at sucky pay. If I was told that I could leave, and get unemployment benefits...and thus have time for...well, everything, but especially job applications and temping...?
I would rejoice in that day and leap for joy.

* Well, fix the immediate problem, anyway. The check engine light is still on, of course; and I'm sure there are lots of other interesting things wrong with it, even apart from the door handle.

** The car brand, that is. Not Ormazd.


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