Feb. 1st, 2017

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Most *memorable* moment from Arisia: explaining to a fellow-attendee from Denmark that the tune I had been humming on the train ("Nelson's Blood ") was the song traditionally sung while marching around the lobby in your swimsuit, recruiting people for the Shanty Sing In The Pool.
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Apparently my raise FINALLY came through. My financial situation is still pretty parlous, though.

Meanwhile, the inevitable has finally happened, and I have found ways to combine my obsessions with doing graphic art and bellringing. So spent waaaayy too much of the last couple of nights designing a bell tower, to be built after I inherit $20 million and a place in the country (ha!), and part of tonight trying to work out if any of the bells ever ring the same sequence in something called Dewsbury...which I had worked out from first principles while on my lunch break, and then sent to one of my instructors with a note to ask Does this work and What is it, anyway?

She said that she'd never rung it, but it actually looked kinda kinda pretty, and she might make everyone else learn it.

Weather: 1" snow, much of which has now melted.


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