Mar. 14th, 2017

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Naturally, the first weekend in a while that G. sent P. down here without snowpants...was the weekend when we unexpectedly got four inches of snow. (Nashua, admittedly, got zero.) We had a decent weekend anyway, mostly thanks to Ursula Vernon books and to my Aunt, who'd given Peter a late birthday present in the form of a frickin' enormous lego set that he'd wanted.* But we COULD have gone sledding. Ah well.

And late yesterday, they announced that the university would be closed today, in view of the expected Snowpocalypse. In fact, though, it didn't start snowing in earnest until after our morning commute would have happened, and it's forecast to have turned to rain by the time we'd be heading home. (Classic New England horrible winter layer-cake storm.) But I guess driving through slush and driving rain in high winds wouldn't have been terribly safe either.

At the moment, though, it IS snowing in earnest: I should probably go make at least some gesture toward shoveling. That should still leave me enough time and energy to apply for something before lunch...

* The Lighthouse Siege, in case anyone's interested. Which I'd sorta seen before, since Peter's normal modus operandi, given a bunch of lego sets, often involves working out how to reverse-engineer some OTHER lego set. With the actual version, I performed what I feel was my official fatherly duty by working out how to get the electronic bits to work.
(Though seriously, Lego: you print the safety warnings in twenty languages: would it kill you to give written instructions for that bit?)


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