Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Amended: I forgot that, while I mentioned in passing that I was ringing a quarter peal* today, I hadn't indicated why this one was particularly noteworthy. The method was one called St. Clement's, which was new to a couple other people in the band; but the important thing from my end is that whereas in previous peals I was tenoring (i.e. ringing my bell last in every change), this time I was ringing the treble, so changing place every stroke, although that's still a much less complicated thing than everybody else was doing!
Well, we kinda, supposedly got the quarter-peal. We had to restart once, with me hauling frantically on the rope of the #3 to get back into lead; and even after that, it was pretty rough. There were at least two occasions where I thought I ought to still be in thirds place but everyone else seemed to think I should be leading, so I led and then it turned out I was right the first time; and once or twice when the opposite occurred. (Don't tell the Central Council.) But supposedly, we made it through; and as always, when our conductor proclaimed "And that's all!" I was left thoroughly incredulous.

Most of our band immediately decamped to various other commitments, but Michael and I--the band's two weakest links--went out and had a beer and a late/second lunch. Now I am tipsy, but should really be going home to get $#17 done...

PS: Yup, still countertenoring in choir.

* If I haven't mentioned before, a quarter peal is 45+ minutes of continuous ringing, including at least 1250 changes (the ringing equivalent of measures in normal music), in which you repeat changes as few times as is possible.


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