Apr. 4th, 2017

choco_frosh: Image of the Konradigasse (former {Hof-]Schreibergasse) in Konstanz, where I lived in 2005-6 (s'gasse)
2:48pm, EDT: Whelp, I'm bailing out of the RS Livejournal. Nice of DW to set up an automatic import page; though this means that
a) this is taking forever (because I have, yikes, 12 years worth of entries). Even on a university computer.
I guess probably half of LJ is doing the same thing.
b) I am going to have to go back at some point and get rid of a bunch of duplicate entries, and
c) I may also need to flag certain old things "private" again.
Ogod, please tell me the things ALREADY down as private stay that way when they import. eep.

2:52: Goddammit, PLEASE do this quickly: I only have twenty more minutes of lunch. And that's WITH the second signout...

I should perhaps clarify. This morning, upon arrival, I found out that the President of Mailrooms Etc. was going to be descending upon us later in the day. Naturally, I thought, this WOULD happen on the day when I'd decided no one would care if I wore my least presentable pair of work trousers.

Then, after we'd got back from the delivery route, my boss (who'd arrived in the interim) told us that [Pres.] would be arriving around 4. We all breathed a small sigh of relief.
The boss then disappeared in quest of lunch.
I finished up all of MY stuff and then, as [coworker] was "back" from lunch (she has a bad habit of not actually leaving the office...), clocked out.
[Pres.] promptly walked in the door.

I decided I'd better stick around for a few minutes while my boss was getting himself back to the office, just to help ward off any disasters that would otherwise happen while he was watching...
So that was why I clocked out twice.*

3:05: explain to my grandparents' old swedish exchange student what "Quarter Peal" means

3:10: Monkeys, if this thing doesn't finish in about the next two minute, I'm gonna have to abort. $#17.

3:14: $#17. OK, try again later.

4:00 (while sitting around the Copy Center, because Reasons): Hm. I seem to recall something about "irrevocable process", and the Import Journal page still says "waiting in queue" or something to that effect. So *hopefully* it's still chugging away. Anybody know more than I do about how this works?

ETA - 9pm EDT (why am I still at University??): OK, we have liftoff import! Still waiting on ten years' worth of comments, though. Hopefully they come through ok.

* Apparently I did one of these as clocking OUT, rather than clocking out to lunch. My boss fixed it, hopefully in some way that didn't show me out to lunch for an hour and a half!


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