Apr. 27th, 2017

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Somewhere around 1 last night, a branch fell off the tree in our yard. Fortunately, there were (unusually) no cars in the street under it when it fell, and fortunately Somerville public works were able to clear it away with commendable promptitude, but unfortunately this meant that there was an industrial-sized woodchipper going right under my window at three AM, in a night when I had already gotten to bed rather late (though that's another story). So I am a bit out of it today. But anyway:

Various updates, most of them overdue

1. I - and Peter - were at the March for Science last weekend, although Peter got bored and cold and so we left early. Sovay has a better writeup, anyway.
Aaaannnd I'll also be at the Boston branch of the People's Climate Mobilization THIS Saturday. As various people have said on the internet already (and although it's far from the BIGGEST reason to want Trump gone), I wish we didn't have Trump, JUST so I could have my weekends back.

2. I have officially announced that I am quitting my job. )

3. Also in the department of some-of-you-know-it-already-but-I'm-now-making firm-plans: I'm off to England in August! With Peter, to visit my Mom, wherever she is by that point.† I'm currently thinking about ten days,†† likely flying out of Boston (with Peter) on the 14th and coming back the 25th, but that's changeable depending on whether ticket prices are lower on adjacent days. Any road, I'm going to take a couple days off in the middle of my trip to go visit [personal profile] tree_and_leaf, and definitely also (either at Tree's local cathedral or in Sheffield) get some ringing in. So yay!
†Notes )

4. In continuation of 1. and 3.: the weekend AFTER this coming one, choir's off, and so am I. Specifically, to Maine: my brother has a play (and we might get in a slightly damp hike, as well); some old friends from South Portland are having what they're calling a housewarmversary party; and I wanted to visit Squig. anyway. So more yay! (This time, with less complicated logistics!)

Huh. Five things make a post. And that's not even counting tree limbs.

5. (The - kinda - momentous one.)
I have just (I think) paid off my student loans.
OK, that maybe warrants some explanation )

Ugh. I regret nothing about this post, but it's now 9:20 and I haven't even LOOKED at job possibilities. fm.


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