Apr. 28th, 2017

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OK, indirectly pursuant to the last point of the previous post:

Roommate #1 wandered into the common area of the apartment this evening while I was having dinner, to tell roommate #2 (his SO, who was playing Skyrim) that Ja Rule has apparently (and perhaps inadvertently) swindled a whole bunch o' rich people out of a whole bunch of money.

Now what floored me was not that people threw down big chunks of cash on what was supposed to be luxury accommodation but in fact more closely resembled a refugee camp. No, what had me goggling was the sheer size of the amounts concerned. The figure roommate #1 quoted was $25 thousand, and in fact, we eventually realized that some of the tickets were a great deal more than that, but let's stick with 25k.

25k, although I didn't want to admit it in front of my roommates, is more than I currently make in a year.

And so we got to talking about all the things you could theoretically do with 25k, even assuming you want to spend a weekend filled with drugs and naked people, which I don't.* 25 thousand! I mean...with 25 thousand I could do pretty much ANYTHING I wanted,** not merely for a weekend, but for like six months. Heck, with 25 HUNDRED I could check into an AMC hut for like two weeks, WITH two weeks worth of good-quality alcohol,*** and go hiking every day and drink a bunch every night, or at least as much as wouldn't interfere with the hiking; which is my idea of a good time.****

I gibbered a lot.

But what brought my last post to mind:
"Yeah," said roommate #2, while trying not to get her character incinerated, "but if I got $25 thousand, I STILL wouldn't have paid off my college loans."

Holy shit. I... I mean, they have a presumably much more fulfilling job, and (I assume, at least) graphic designers make a good deal more than I currently do.

But apparently, they--and I guess a good deal of the rest of the population--have so much student debt that, even if I'd had to pay all my student loans MYSELF, I'd still be less in debt than they are.

* On reflection, I guess this isn't TECHNICALLY true, since I would love to spend a weekend with, like, ONE attractive person who was naked a bunch of the time, and some booze and probably also coffee or tea, which are technically drugs... but I want a relationship, rather than Girls Gone Wild, and let's skip the cocaine (and even the weed).
** OK, excluding anything involving buying real estate.
*** On reflection, I seem to recall that the AMC doesn't let you bring alcohol, but we're in fantasyland here anyway.
**** Yes, I did reflect - repeatedly - that my idea of a good time MIGHT be a little skewed from that of the rest of the population. To which I say: ok, that just means all y'all's notion of a good time is FUCKED UP.


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