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SooOOoo... a solid week ago I got this new job. And I thought my problems were over.

Guess what? They're not.

Well, probably.

Just for starters, we had the little issue that I had to update to the latest version of Word, which turned into a swallowed the spider to catch the fly routine that in turn ended with me descending on Sovay for moral support and an external hard drive, then staying up until Monday turned into Tuesday while my OS updated. But as I say, that was just the appetizer.

The main course was and is: that BRCF hired me to work up to 15 hours per week, and that I had understood that they had more than enough work to keep me busy for that long every week. So I was expecting to be insanely busy (but well paid) this week.
And they did indeed send me an editing job (which is why the whole OS thing happened), but I tore through it in slightly over two hours, sent it in, and waited for feedback, and preferably also for the next assignment.

It never came.

So, well, it's possible that they just haven't got their act together (scheduling my interview certainly followed that pattern), and I'll get an email this afternoon to say Wow, that looks great, can you do these six other projects by next Friday?
But it's also possible that I was wrong, this editing gig ISN'T going to be steady, and instead it's at best gonna be one of those deals where I work two hours one week, zero the next two, then fourteen the week after that. A lot less than fifteen; and a lot less than the amount I need to pay the bills.*

I guess I'll buckle down and work on the Census stuff. I need the income.

(And yes, for those interested that's more or less what I HAVE been doing, albeit for fewer hours than I probably should. It's going ok, before you ask. I've done a couple of interviews, they've gone fine, but it's GETTING the interview in the first place that's usually the hard bit. Hopefully people will be home tomorrow afternoon.)

Meantime, I've been doing some work for my Mom, which has generally been fun except for cases like the one yesterday where I must have been staring at a bunch of minims and an abbreviation for half an hour before I realized someone had mistranscribed as 'cum scilicet' was in fact 'cuiuslibet'.

* Much less the significantly higher bills I'd have if I got my own apartment, like I was briefly hoping...
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