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OK, I'm out of materials for the Census, and haven't heard back from my bosses at BRCF so I don't have anything to edit either, so I'm going to catch up on blogging instead!

Yesterday was pretty fun. The day pretty much went pancakes - ringing - barbecue - more ringing.

Ringing pt. 1 was at Old North, and featured meeting various and assorted visiting ringers I hadn't met before/occasional ringers I see once in a blue moon. I tore out of there five minutes early, hauled butt to the train station and caught my usual train home,* and then NOT usually retrieved my car and picked up [personal profile] nineweaving, then slavishly followed Siri's directions out to [personal profile] sovay's parents' house for the annual ice cream churning and Grill All The Things. Neither of these exactly went as usual: they have a new ice cream maker (much needed), but the vendor had sent S's Mom a motor instead of a crank, so we just sort of sat on the stoop and watched the motor make the ice cream. And then we decided we were too hot (and/or too busy juggling toddlers) to grill, so we just did hamburgers and such in the oven. But a good time was still had.

I ducked out early from this as well to haul my butt BACK downtown for the annual rite of providing the bells for the 1812 Overture on the Esplanade.** Being me, I arrived waaayyy too early, and so hung out with people (inc. even MORE ringers I'd never met) and watched them eat dinner, since post barbecue I was mostly too full for the various yummy things that people had brought for the (equally traditional) picnic in the church courtyard.
Then ringing happened. [profile] lauradi got a video if anyone's interested, which features decent ringing and me looking emaciated. Apparently I need to eat more, despite my All The Muffins diet and effectively eating dinner twice that day.

The fireworks were pretty awesome, even without the bit where I think they were trying to reproduce the shape of the continental US in FIRE.

* Incidentally: a vote of thanks to the MBTA and all of their employees and assorted auxiliary people who did sterling work to public transit moving through a federal holiday.

** CotA is a couple of blocks away, and so we'd be audible from there if it weren't for all the soundproofing. BECAUSE of the soundproofing, there've been microphones permanently installed in the bell chamber since 1976.

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