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No contra dance tonight. bother.
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How much does it cost to fix an iPhone screen? Like, does taking it to a non-licensed repair shop work?
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Various work-related $#!7:

Fustest: So my boss, after I'd told him I was leaving at some point in the near future, asked me to write out a letter of resignation, because the higher-ups had been asking for one; and so I did, but didn't specify an end date.
Allegedly, since that was the case, they are simply going to PICK my end date, based on when we get my replacement adequately trained. So I could be out of a job as early as next Friday.

The fact that I find it plausible either that my supervisor is screwing me over OR that the upper management of MRE are being a bunch of callous, shooting-themselves-in-the-foot cheese-parers is one more reason why I need to get out of this job.

As D. at bellringing last night put it: "I mean, it's good that you're finally getting out of there! But money is good too."
(Everyone at practice expressed congratulations that I was finally leaving this job. I guess I may have been bitching about it a bit. I guess they thought the bitching was deserved.)

But yeah. Unemployed in the near future. And...

2. I thought I was being hired by the Census. They're not replying to my emails, though.

3. On the other hand, it's a three-day weekend. Or, well, 3+ days, since [University]'s closing at 2 tomorrow.* And nothing planned on Saturday, 'cause practice got cancelled due to practically every ringer in the area road-tripping to Quebec. Anybody want to do a thing?

(Friday afternoon is going to be catch up on chores and make a strawberry-rhubarb crumble, unless somebody talks me into doing something more exciting. Sunday, of course, is choir followed by more choir followed by ringing followed by more ringing followed by Fall Over. Followed by contradancing. Monday, who knows?

More Later.

PS: Everyone remind me that I need to check twiddle pins!

* 3a. Supervisor, in one of his many questionable moves, is actually giving several people the ENTIRE day off; I volunteered to be the one to come in so as to have some leverage for taking half a day off NEXT week, to meet a friend of [personal profile] sovay's at his (ridiculously well-funded research-based) place of employment, in the hopes that having some of the people there actually know my face will increase my odds of getting hired there at some point...
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Oh, and: Sunday afternoon, wound up playing some bizarre Finnish analog of bocce called ?moelkky with a bunch of neighbors I'd never met before.
Just thought that was worth commemorating.
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Reading List:

Paper Girls
Left Hand of Darkness
Last Things, Marissa Moss
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Gah, right, I never did that post about the rest of my trip to Maine because...well, if I'm honest, mostly because I've been spending too much time playing a bellringing practice game in my iPhone.* Have the condensed version of most of three weekends.

The rest of a weekend in Maine )

LAST weekend: Well, there were no horseshoe crabs (too early in the season), and I didn't get in as much ringing as I'd've liked (or talk Peter into seeing the mosaics), but I got to call the bells into Jennys and Peter and I made sand Pokémon and flew a kite, so it was a pretty ok day. And Sunday my copy of Ursula Vernon's latest unexpectedly showed up in the mail, so that was a pretty ok day overall too.

And I think I'm gonna stop now, because I stayed up til midnight on Friday devouring The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and I didn't really get to catch up last night, and I've had probably more ice cream than you should eat in one sitting, and so I think it's time to keel over again.

* I guess I also owe you a post on "Bellringing and how it is awesome but also horribly addictive".
** In which I was glad to discover neither of their cats had barfed, since apparently they'd been doing that...
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grumble grumble stupid pharmacies that bug you endlessly to get your prescriptions refilled, then only hold them for like 48 hours when you actually manage to do so, grumble.

Anyway. Another week has slid by, and I still haven't gotten around to writing up the rest of last weekend. ([personal profile] julian has been travelloging after the fact, so I guess I could do the same?) But tomorrow I am off to the Cape with a kid and a couple of passengers, to ring bells and annoy crustaceans.* Wish us luck!

* OK, you know and I know that technically horseshoe crabs are chelicerates, Order Xiphosura; but the older literature referred to all marine arthropods as crustaceans, and there really isn't a better word. And who knows, we may find hermit crabs or something.
PS: Limulus polyphemus is one of only FOUR living species worldwide? yeesh.
PPS: Limulus polyphemus is a really great name.
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More thoughts, even though I got like five hours of sleep and haven't even thought about job applications:

1) Seriously, when you think about it, one or two of these plays are like Sarah Kane-level creepy. Only without the impossible stage directions. The horror is going to happen after the play ends.

2) The issue of place: Or, the common theme that was not common at all.
These plays all, of course, were built around common set elements (and actually, that was really clever). But they are very different in how they interact with their settings.

Vaguely Normal: "The Wild Hunt" is set both in someone's office and in the desert; but it's not ABOUT the office, and the desert is there only in the characters' memories. "Connection" is in an isolated cabin...but as we learn, it's also an Air B&B, and even aside from that it's a very peculiar example of both types. This is not a play about isolated cabins.

Totally Irrelevant: In "The Thing Carol Saw", we just have two actresses sitting on stools, telling their stories of what happened, with commentary. There is no scene. They could maybe have been on a talk show; they could almost be in counseling; but with brief exceptions, there is no artiface here: they're on stage, talking to the audience. And you could do the whole thing as a radio play.
"Miracles" is more interesting in the irrelevance of the motel room. It's the most realistic setting, perhaps; but this is a play about the life two people lead, so you could have set it in a tent by the side of the road, in a Winnebago, in the actually-decent-for-once hotel room they decided to splurge on, in the house where they're almost never home or in the spare room that they conned someone into letting them use, all without changing the play substantially.

The Setting is the Main Character: Already noted. "Walter Likes Henny Just Fine" is set in a women's restroom, but is also ABOUT women's restrooms; and the laundromat Elwood enters HAS to be a laundromat, and you'd have to alter the play violently for it to be sited anywhere but Tinytown, Hanington County,* Maine.

* If you want to be ruder, you might express this alternatively as "Bumblefuckville, Washingcock County".
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So at the last moment, the schedule for my trip to Maine wound up being changed around once again, this time because my brother had come down with some sort of Death Cold. But we DID still make it to this year's Maine Playwright's Festival, for which Dan was serving as artistic director (for the whole shebang) and dramaturge (for all the individual plays.)

So we had six short plays, and they were all awesome.

OK, OK: I'd say all of them were fairly solid, and a couple were incredible. The staging was minimal but effective; the acting was, to use the phrase of one of the characters, top shelf. Here are some quick reviews, so that you can be ready when they (hopefully to inevitably) get reprized everywhere else; and then some more general comments. Quotes taken from the program unless otherwise noted.

Individual Reviews )

Common Themes: )
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Edit to the edit: ...And find my SS card or, failing that, birth certificate, so that I can include a photocopy of them in the giant packet o' stuff. (This being the OTHER problem with having an expired passport: can't use it to verify my ID!)

Not on the list: Compile list of contacts for Sheffield- and Wakefield-area belltowers.
Guess which one I've already done?
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I had a busy weekend, and there are a lot of things I should post about, but right at the moment I'm frustrated from repeated failed attempts to book tickets on Virgin Atlantic, so I'm gonna be brief:

I went to the Boston branch of the People's Climate Mobilization on Saturday! Uh, yay me?
Anyway, the more important thing was that they had a list o' actions to take in the aftermath of the march. I've highlighted three, for anyone from Mass. reading this: Thank the Attorney General for being awesome! A bit more complicated, but worth it. Ask your local Board of Health to bug the unfortunately not an artichoke Governor to oppose pipeline constructions. Do YOU want Massachusetts taxpayers to be on the hook for a $6 Billion to bring fracked gas through the state for export? Yeah, me neither.

I would also urge you to check out
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I aten't dead...

But my cell. phone fell out of my pocket on the train to work yesterday. I got in touch with the person who picked it up, and they said they'd hand it to one of the conductors, who in turn could drop it off at the Lost&Found at North Station.

What I had failed to reckon with was that the Lost&Found is not open on Saturdays.


Well, get up early on Monday and pick it up then, I guess...
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OK, indirectly pursuant to the last point of the previous post:

Roommate #1 wandered into the common area of the apartment this evening while I was having dinner, to tell roommate #2 (his SO, who was playing Skyrim) that Ja Rule has apparently (and perhaps inadvertently) swindled a whole bunch o' rich people out of a whole bunch of money.

Now what floored me was not that people threw down big chunks of cash on what was supposed to be luxury accommodation but in fact more closely resembled a refugee camp. No, what had me goggling was the sheer size of the amounts concerned. The figure roommate #1 quoted was $25 thousand, and in fact, we eventually realized that some of the tickets were a great deal more than that, but let's stick with 25k.

25k, although I didn't want to admit it in front of my roommates, is more than I currently make in a year.

And so we got to talking about all the things you could theoretically do with 25k, even assuming you want to spend a weekend filled with drugs and naked people, which I don't.* 25 thousand! I mean...with 25 thousand I could do pretty much ANYTHING I wanted,** not merely for a weekend, but for like six months. Heck, with 25 HUNDRED I could check into an AMC hut for like two weeks, WITH two weeks worth of good-quality alcohol,*** and go hiking every day and drink a bunch every night, or at least as much as wouldn't interfere with the hiking; which is my idea of a good time.****

I gibbered a lot.

But what brought my last post to mind:
"Yeah," said roommate #2, while trying not to get her character incinerated, "but if I got $25 thousand, I STILL wouldn't have paid off my college loans."

Holy shit. I... I mean, they have a presumably much more fulfilling job, and (I assume, at least) graphic designers make a good deal more than I currently do.

But apparently, they--and I guess a good deal of the rest of the population--have so much student debt that, even if I'd had to pay all my student loans MYSELF, I'd still be less in debt than they are.

* On reflection, I guess this isn't TECHNICALLY true, since I would love to spend a weekend with, like, ONE attractive person who was naked a bunch of the time, and some booze and probably also coffee or tea, which are technically drugs... but I want a relationship, rather than Girls Gone Wild, and let's skip the cocaine (and even the weed).
** OK, excluding anything involving buying real estate.
*** On reflection, I seem to recall that the AMC doesn't let you bring alcohol, but we're in fantasyland here anyway.
**** Yes, I did reflect - repeatedly - that my idea of a good time MIGHT be a little skewed from that of the rest of the population. To which I say: ok, that just means all y'all's notion of a good time is FUCKED UP.
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Somewhere around 1 last night, a branch fell off the tree in our yard. Fortunately, there were (unusually) no cars in the street under it when it fell, and fortunately Somerville public works were able to clear it away with commendable promptitude, but unfortunately this meant that there was an industrial-sized woodchipper going right under my window at three AM, in a night when I had already gotten to bed rather late (though that's another story). So I am a bit out of it today. But anyway:

Various updates, most of them overdue

1. I - and Peter - were at the March for Science last weekend, although Peter got bored and cold and so we left early. Sovay has a better writeup, anyway.
Aaaannnd I'll also be at the Boston branch of the People's Climate Mobilization THIS Saturday. As various people have said on the internet already (and although it's far from the BIGGEST reason to want Trump gone), I wish we didn't have Trump, JUST so I could have my weekends back.

2. I have officially announced that I am quitting my job. )

3. Also in the department of some-of-you-know-it-already-but-I'm-now-making firm-plans: I'm off to England in August! With Peter, to visit my Mom, wherever she is by that point.† I'm currently thinking about ten days,†† likely flying out of Boston (with Peter) on the 14th and coming back the 25th, but that's changeable depending on whether ticket prices are lower on adjacent days. Any road, I'm going to take a couple days off in the middle of my trip to go visit [personal profile] tree_and_leaf, and definitely also (either at Tree's local cathedral or in Sheffield) get some ringing in. So yay!
†Notes )

4. In continuation of 1. and 3.: the weekend AFTER this coming one, choir's off, and so am I. Specifically, to Maine: my brother has a play (and we might get in a slightly damp hike, as well); some old friends from South Portland are having what they're calling a housewarmversary party; and I wanted to visit Squig. anyway. So more yay! (This time, with less complicated logistics!)

Huh. Five things make a post. And that's not even counting tree limbs.

5. (The - kinda - momentous one.)
I have just (I think) paid off my student loans.
OK, that maybe warrants some explanation )

Ugh. I regret nothing about this post, but it's now 9:20 and I haven't even LOOKED at job possibilities. fm.
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Typical me after Easter: eating waaaayyy too much candy.

I should probably cut my losses and go to bed. (After drinking a whole bunch o' water.) Tomorrow afternoon will feature me hauling P. to the March for Science: there is allegedly a family-friendly event somewhere around the Bandstand, though we may ditch it if we get bored. And then probably go to the Science Museum. (Well, or the Aquarium.)

Sooo...probably going to see a whole bunch o' people I know! Though they may be elsewhere on the Common, and a couple of them are in a state of "hoping to come if they can get out of bed." Here's hoping.
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So I forwarded G's Red Sox Exodus to [a clergy friend who shall remain nameless]. This being the retelling of the 2004 season that ends "...And the fans set fire to cars on Lansdowne Street. The Word of the Lord."

CFWSRN wrote back
"We did set fire to cars -- and it was very good!"


I mean, he may be kidding, or using "we" loosely, but even if so...
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Spent the entirity (sp?) of today exercising or doing bell stuff. [Spliced rope on #4]
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It would appear that the answer to the question I posed last time - Where do I go to buy a formal shirt? is simpler than I'd expected: take the T to Central Square. The new Target there hooked me up with a reasonable shirt* and some much-needed new boxers.
Perhaps more importantly, it turns out that the thrift shop across the way is actually awesome. The clothes are actually accurately sorted by size; the staff are sarcastic hipsters who may or may not be HIV sufferers, which is a definite step up from the permanently harried/indifferent staff at my local Goodwill. Anyway, one pink shirt, one slightly oversize*** Formality-flexible shirt that I'm wearing at the moment, another pair of khakis to replace some of the ones that my job keeps eating. About half the price of my total at Target.

I still spent what I think of as Way Too Much Money, even after I (luckily) reminded the salesperson at Target that I was due a $10 discount.
I will definitely be going back, though. At least to the Thrift Shop.
Anyone want to organize an Expotishun at some point?

...I should get my lunch made. More later.

* Actually, I have no idea whether it's ACTUALLY decent or whether it will self-destruct within a year, but meh. Still cheaper than J. Press, probably not much worse than I would have found at the mall.

I was simultaneously amused, tempted, and vaguely unsettled to find it in a rack of shirt/jacket combinations that appeared to have been designed as "You too can dress like a hipster! In one easy step!" Seriously, I'm fairly sure I have seen at least one of those combos on one or other of the beardy 20-somethings who make CotA their home.**

** As opposed to the clean-shaven twenty-somethings who appear to have entered a contest for "Who can look the MOST like a Young Republican?", who can also be seen at any given service there. There's also the compromise position of guys who look like they're cosplaying someone from the '20s.
Err, 1920s, that is. We'll find out what people wear in the 2020s in a couple of years, I guess. Anything from "Total revival of the 1920s" through "Unironic post-apocalyptic grunge" to Space-Chic seems possible.

***On me, dH. I probably need to regain some weight. People are starting to comment, though my "Hungry-and-not-quite-all-there" appearance last night at church was due to the fact that my traditional practice on Good Friday involves fasting from solid food until after whatever service I'm going to...and at CotA, that's one that STARTS at 6:30. But anyway, I'm thinking malted milkshake diet after Easter.
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From an email to my Mom:

Well, the interview went MOSTLY ok, but I walked away with the feeling that I'd blown it in some way. (Why do interviews have to be such a trial by fire?) But anyway, we'll just have to see; and if I don't get it, well, it was a PT position with no benefits, so I'm going to treat that one as practice...

Meantime, everyone remind me to shave before my next Real interview. The goatee is very me, but I worry that it inevitably makes me look scruffy. Or like I'm trying to look like Lenin and failing.

Spent the rest of the day failing to find a new formal shirt at a price I could afford (Where DO normal people go for that?) and then at Tenebrae. Oh, and reading more trashy YA novels. One of these days I'll actually get $#|7 done, I swear...
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I am getting sick of job interviews already.

I had one last week: allegedly for some job in a vaguely mailroom-like situation (though for a bunch more money); chiefly so that my could actually meet me in person. (Gotta say, it does not inspire confidence when one's employment agency seems to have problems retaining staff. Nor when some other one of them calls you up a week later, and apparently hasn't heard about the said interview.)

Anyway, tomorrow I have one for a Harvard library job. Which would be pretty decent, except that it's less than half time. sigh.
Also, of course, I have to take time off from work; and likewise inevitably, both of the possible times for this interview were inconvenient, and the one we settled on is going to require some fast driving if I'm even gonna make it. And you all know how much I like driving.
I mean, it's better than job interviews, I guess...


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