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Jul. 22nd, 2017 09:11 pm
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Wednesday after work LB and I hiked in to the lake. We took a more strenuous route than usual, over rough ground, but nothing requiring high endurance -- or so I would have thought. The moment I got home, however, I lay down on the couch and did not rise until night.

The last few days have been like days of recovery from illness -- not soreness or fatigue so much as a sort of muzzy-headedness I dislike much more than pain.

Therefore, I have not done much writing or reading.

I did manage to read Insomniac City, Bill Hayes' memoir of his relationship with Oliver Sacks. It's a lovely, gentle book, a kind of idyll of daily life in New York -- lots of drinking wine on rooftops and talking to strangers in the park. Hayes invokes the sensory detail of their life together with the attention you'd expect of someone who could properly appreciate Oliver Sacks.

I'd read Hayes' description of a piece of music -- Beethoven's Op. 133, say (The Great Big Fugue) -- then cue it up on YouTube and listen -- or look up a meal they ate or an artist Hayes admired. In this way, the book became a delightful multi-sensory experience.

Reading or writing for work and other projects, though, did not seem to be on.

When writing is too difficult, I draw. One of my comfort activities is attempting loose copies of the exquisitely strange radial creatures from Haeckel's Art Forms in Nature. Listening to Beethoven' bright, angular notes, I thought -- why not try to draw this as well?1

Under the cut are a few creatures drawn out of the music, though they are not perfect synaesthetic renderings of these pieces or anything -- more a fusion of what I was looking at, what I was hearing, and what I could actually draw.

Musical Drawings )


1. (I do see a little colour to music, but it's a very limited palette, shading from blue-white through golden brown to dark brown, and probably has more to do with the colour of the piano whereon I failed to learn to play music as a child, rather than any intricacy of brain connections.)

Connecting Nerdish Dots in Star Trek

Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:00 pm
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Noting that Netflix isn't doing business inside mainland China, but they are offering their services in Traditional and Simplified Chinese langages anyway in assorted other markets.

Also noting that Star Trek: Discovery is being carried outside of the US and Canada by Netflix.

One of the supporting cast ships in the new series is USS Shenzhou NCC-1227.

Wondering if the dedication plaque will credit the Dalian Yards in mainland China for that starship. Dalian is where mainland China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaonang, was refitted to their navy's requirements.
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Posted by Stubby the Rocket

Captain Marvel 90s Skrulls SDCC 2017

While Marvel Studios didn’t have any Captain Marvel footage to screen at San Diego Comic-Con, they did share some interesting details during the MCU panel. Like how it’s set in the early 1990s, for one, and some badass concept art.

Samuel L. Jackson will reprise his role as Nick Fury, but this time around he’ll have both eyes. Even more shocking, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) will be fighting Skrulls! This will mark the aliens’ first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Twitter account @Marvel__News tweeted out some decent shots of the other pieces of concept art:

Captain Marvel concept art SDCC

Captain Marvel concept art SDCC

One eagle-eyed fan also noticed that Captain Marvel is included in the massive Avengers: Infinity War collage, meaning she’ll be appearing in that movie, too.

Larson did not attend SDCC like last year—when she made a surprise appearance to announce the casting—but she was excitedly retweeting bits of news and responding to fan questions like “Are you ready to kick some asses?”:

Captain Marvel comes to theaters March 8, 2019.

via ComingSoon.net

Photo: Marvel Studios via @CBR

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Black Panther director Ryan Coogler was joined on the San Diego Comic-Con stage by Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, Daniel Kaluuya, Andy Serkis, Forest Whitaker, Danai Gurira, and Letitia Wright, who discussed their characters and their work on the film.

The SDCC trailer isn’t being released yet, but we’ve rounded up some panel highlights below!

Black Panther will begin just after  the events of Civil War. T’Challa is mourning his father, but his grief is interrupted both by his need to ascend to the throne of Wakanda, and by an exterior threat.

Ryan Coogler spoke about his own love of the comic, saying that he turned up at SDCC in 2016, sitting  in the very back of Hall H as a fan. He added that, although he grew up not caring about his favorite superhero’s races, as he got older he wanted to see himself in the comics he read. His comic shop owner introduced him to Black Panther. The director also emphasized that  T’Challa gets his power from his sense of history, and his people.

Letitia Wright plays Shuri, T’Challa’s sister, who’s in charge of technological innovations in Wakanda. Danai Gurira had to learn a whole new set of combat skills, as her character, Okoye, fights very differently from Michonne on The Walking Dead, and her goal is to protect Wakanda’s technological advancements from outsiders.

Nyong’o will be playing a spy, Nakia, who travels the world to keep Wakanda up-to-date, while Andy Serkis returns as Klaw, and will be getting his arm back in the film. Jordan plays Erik Killmonger who has “his own opinions on Wakanda and how it should be ruled” while Whitaker plays an old friend of T’Chaka’s who has known T’Challa since he was a baby.

We’ll bring you more footage as soon as we have it, but in the meantime we can say that we can’t wait to see more of Coogler’s take on Wakanda and its people. In the meantime, check out Lupita Nyong’o’s Twitter feed of some pre-panel elevator adventures with the Black Panther cast, and feast your eyes on this glorious poster:


Attention tax

Jul. 22nd, 2017 09:32 pm
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Originally published at Novel Gazing Redux. You can comment here or there.

One of the things that has been making me furious about sexual harassment lately–secondary to all the other things that make me furious about it–is the attention tax it imposes on women. The time spent figuring out whether there’s enough evidence for us to be taken seriously this time, whether the people who were in the “surely you misinterpreted” and “that doesn’t mean what it blatantly means” camp last time will finally take us seriously, the time spent recovering from someone shouting in our faces and someone else grabbing our asses, the time sharing stories and pooling information and cleaning up messes and figuring out what to do, what we can do, what we have the power to do. That is time not spent on other things that are frankly a whole hell of a lot more interesting.

When it’s in convention terms, the time spent discussing who did what and what to do and letting the adrenaline settle and coping is time not spent on ideas for books and stories and where to go with them. It is very directly a tax on attention that could and should be going toward work. And it makes me exhausted and resentful, and then I try to corral my attention back to my work, because that is a far, far better place for it to be. I have directly observed that when I am at a con where people are dealing with an ongoing situation of this type, I come back with far, far less in the way of inspired notes for new projects–not just coming away drained instead of energized, but the specifics of what business are we doing here, where is our attention going.

I’m lucky. I know a lot of good men. I know a lot of good straight, white men. One of the benefits of this is that when a straight, white dude is an asshole, I am clear that it is artisanal assholery that he is hand-crafting by choice, not a trait he can’t avoid by his demographics. And a lot of good straight, white men have been stepping up to share the work of dealing with sexual harassment on a community level. I appreciate it. I do. But that is a choice they are making. Statistically, on average, the nonconsensual part, the part where you have to cope with the fallout of being harassed again, the part where it happens several times in a row and then it’s on your mind and you go into the next professional situation having to have a plan for how to cope–that’s a drain on your time and attention that you cannot have back, that other people can help with structurally but not in the moment. They can donate their time but not hand you back yours, not give you back those hours and days of working on the situation and processing and coping. It can happen to men. It does happen to men. And as one woman I know never loses an opportunity to point out, it does not happen to every woman. But statistically, on average, it is an attention tax that falls much, much more heavily on women, for things that we did not ask for and cannot change.

It’s not just sexual harassment. This is not the only attention tax, and I don’t mean to talk as though it is. Racist bullshit and the people who visit it upon people of color? That is, among other worse things, an attention tax on those people of color. Having to cope with accessibility issues and prejudice against the disabled? Attention tax. Homophobia and other forms of anti-queer assholery? Attention tax. Navigating the world while neurodiverse, even in ways that do not feel like a disability internally, among people who are going to be utter jerks to any hint of non-neurotypicality? Attention tax. And while I’ve talked about men and women above, the amount of attention tax that falls on gender-nonconforming and non-binary people gets mind-bogglingly larger the more gender-policing the subculture they’re interacting with gets. One of the fundamental questions is: how much jerkitude are people going to blithely shovel on you for being you and then skip along with their day, and how much will that pull away from the focus you need to do your stuff that you do.

Do I imagine I’m the first to observe this? Hardly. But “show don’t tell” is hardly new advice, either, and writers get blog posts out of that several times a year. What I’m saying to you is: this is affecting the work of people you know and care about. All the time. It doesn’t have to. It is literally all entirely voluntary. The thing I said above about artisanal bullshit: last month I got very tired of people saying “so that’s a thing that happened” when they were describing a choice someone made. So let’s not do that. Let’s not ascribe to fundamental forces things that are actual bad choices people are making.

And also: people who are doing work through all these attention taxes, who are managing to push it aside and fight their way through to focusing on making something awesome: I see you. I appreciate you. I’m sorry it’s like this. I keep hoping that some of the draining work will gain us some ground and it will be long-term less necessary. But in the meantime, thanks for clawing back some of your own in the face of it. It’s so hard, and it matters so much.

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Having seen Angels in America live (Boston, November 1995, first national tour) and on screen, this Thursday I split the difference and saw the currently-running London production on tape-delay live-stream in a movie theater. (Part one, that is; part two is this Thursday.) I don't love it but it's interesting to see the staging. Also Kushner has, per the intro to the combined ebook version I have but hadn't read until now, made unspecified changes to part two, so I will be reading that before Thursday so I won't be distracted while watching. (While I only skimmed part one, the only difference I saw between the text and this production was the dropping of the homeless woman's jokes.)

Here are some notes, cut for spoilers and lack of interest: )

There are various encore presentations going to be happening, if you missed this and are interested.

Watch the Arrow Season 6 Trailer

Jul. 23rd, 2017 01:58 am
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Posted by Stubby the Rocket

Arrow season 6 trailer SDCC 2017

“We walk in two worlds. We can only do that for so long.” The CW wrapped up its DC TV universe San Diego Comic-Con coverage with this trailer for season 6 of Arrow. What’s different this year? The flashbacks, according to THR: Instead of flashing back to a serialized story, each episode will have “character-specific” flashbacks.

And while you won’t know for sure who does and doesn’t make it off the exploding island, you can take your guesses:

“We want to really double down on family and groups and found families,” said executive producer Marc Guggenheim. “To that end, we started to think about a group of villains.” Part of that cabal will include an unnamed villain played by Lost and Person of Interest star Michael Emerson.

Arrow season 6 premieres October 12 on The CW.

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Posted by Stubby the Rocket

Thor: Ragnarok, second trailer

Is it November, is it November PLEASE can we have Thor: Ragnarok if we are very, very good and eat our vegetables?

We promise.

Here is the latest trailer from Thor: Ragnarok, and we’ll be over here in the corner losing our minds.


And if you would like bit more information from San Diego Comic Con, we invite you to look below…

[Some light spoilers for the upcoming Thor film.]

According to Marvel’s Saturday night panel, we know a few things about where the characters are at currently:

  • Chris Hemsworth referred to this period as Thor’s “midlife crisis.”
  • Loki has been pretending to be Odin for four solid years before arriving at his place in this story. So he’s had an interesting time of things. According to Hiddleston, “Loki has directed just about all his energies in narcissistic endeavours.” And that could mean just about anything….
  • Hulk has been spending more time away from his Bruce Banner human form, and that leads to a version of Hulk that can speak and interact as the big green guy better than before. He has been working that gladiator ring for quite a while: “He’s a little perma-Hulked. Because he has been the Hulk for two years now, he has the vocabulary of a two-year old.”

And here is the final poster:

Thor: Ragnarok, poster

Please give us our fancy new Thor movie. We won’t even complain about his short hair.

Wave, Listen to Me!

Jul. 22nd, 2017 07:56 pm
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And now for something completely different. A digital-only title from Kodansha Comics, Wave, Listen to Me!, from the creator of Blade of the Immortal. Enjoy, especially if you wish to see something not superhero related or fantasy-based. Just something human.

The first chapter is available to read for free, thus the amount of pages below. Feel free to check them out on the site here though.

Read more... )

The Expanse Promises War in Season 3!

Jul. 23rd, 2017 01:05 am
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Posted by Leah Schnelbach

Entertainment Weekly Executive Editor Dalton Ross moderated a panel for Syfy’s The Expanse at San Diego Comic-Con, with actors Stephen Strait, Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham, Cas Anvar, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Frankie Adams, and Executive Producer Mark Fergus. The conversation ranged from love to war, and they announced a new cast member! Elizabeth Mitchell, late of Lost, V, and Once Upon a Time, will join the cast and bring a “spiritual perspective” to the series.

Click through for more highlights from the panel!

They dug straight into the important question: what’s next for Naomi and Holden? But it sounds like Season Three sees even more bumps in the road to true, interstellar love.

Asked about Bobbie’s treason against Mars, Frankie Adams chooses to look on the bright side. “It’s not so bad…I get to hang out with Avasarala.” She also shared that her suit weighs over 60s lbs, which only makes sense given the Martian atmosphere.

But for larger concepts, Wes Chatham proposes that the series true villain is “human pride.” When asked which character he’d play if he couldn’t be Amos, Chatham left humanity behind entirely: “The protomolecule monster—he had a great story arc.”

Asked the same question, Stephen Strait went full Holden by lunging for our heartstrings: “I’d definitely play Joe Miller,” which drew applause and cheers from the crowd.

But it wasn’t all fun and games! When a fan asked them all to choose one crewmember to push out of the airlock, all of the Roci family yelled “Naomi!”


And after she was the one who led them to victory over the Expanse-themed Escape The Room SDCC is hosting?

Finally, Executive Producer Mark Fergus promised that things were going to kick into another gear in this season: “We’ve been talking about war for a couple years, but now, here comes war.”

Well this bodes well…you can read more about Mitchell’s new role in The Expanse over at EW—who do you think she’ll be playing?

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Posted by Stubby the Rocket

The Flash season 4 teaser trailer SDCC 2017

While the San Diego Comic-Con teaser for The Flash doesn’t tell us too much about season 4, it centers on a very arresting visual: Iris West, Dr. Caitlin Snow, and Cisco Ramon trying to get a lock on Barry Allen, a.k.a. the Flash. Which would be difficult enough considering his super speed, but there’s also the matter of him being in Speed Force Prison.

The teaser mostly focuses on Iris, coping with Barry’s departure and trying to stay strong, as he had urged her. But when the rest of their friends devise a way to bring him back… well, it seems no one can resist trying to catch the Flash:

The Flash season 4 premieres October 10 on The CW.

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Posted by Natalie Zutter

Westworld season 2 teaser Dolores Wyatt

The hosts have taken over the park in the first teaser for the second season of HBO’s Westworld. Despite being in production for only about a week, the network brought some footage to San Diego Comic-Con in the form of this darkly funny little teaser.

There are some striking visuals here, like the blood on the player piano, the dead tiger (??), and Dolores on a murder spree.

Though Westworld made headlines for its co-creator Jonathan Nolan claiming they’d already plotted out five seasons before the series premiere even aired, perhaps the HBO series will have a shorter lifespan. Talking at the San Diego Comic-Con panel about humanity’s ever-evolving relationship with artificial intelligence in the present, Nolan said, “The more we think about these questions, the more it feels like your mind is turning inside out. So it might be best for us after doing this for a little longer that we all just mutually agree to stop.”

Then again, he followed that up by saying, “I’ve concluded we must be in a simulation of some kind. I just did a tequila shot with Ed Harris at Comic-Con,” so grain of salt and all that.

Nolan and co-creator Lisa Joy teased some season 2 mysteries in a separate interview, including Maeve’s next steps and expanding the scope of the series to focus on the “world” in Westworld—that is, the outside world.

Other highlights from the panel:

  • Lisa Joy played Red Dead Redemption as research for Westworld. Yep, checks out.
  • TK
  • Jeffrey Wright joked that he went on Reddit to find out who Bernard was. As for season 2? “I’m still learning exactly who Bernard is,” he said, sounding very much like the character. “Join me.”
  • On actresses’ difficulties in finding multidimensional roles, Evan Rachel Wood said, “As a woman you sometimes feel your wings are clipped in being represented. This felt like having fucking condor wings.”
  • When asked about which was his favorite death, James Marsden responded, “They’re like my children. I love all my deaths equally.”
  • Will samurais play a role in season 2? Nolan sounded dismissive (or was he?): “It doesn’t seem like that to me.”
  • The long-term plan? Transition into an actual theme park where fans are the stars, Nolan joked.

Westworld season 2 premieres sometime in 2018.

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Legends of Tomorrow trailer, season 3

Legends of Tomorrow released their Season 3 sneak peek at San Diego Comic Con, and it looks like their most fun season yet. Which is saying something, as the last two were pretty darn fun.

But our favorite part is an expertly placed Titanic joke. See below:

See? Because Victor Garber was in Titanic and he played the guy who… you know what, never mind.

What if for 2018

Jul. 22nd, 2017 08:53 pm
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My Friday reviews rotated between four long running series? Say, Vorkosigan, Kitty and two others?
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Posted by Natalie Zutter

Supergirl season 3 trailer SDCC 2017

“If the theme of season 2 was ‘can Kara and Supergirl have it all,'” new Supergirl showrunner Jessica Queller said at the San Diego Comic-Con panel, “then the theme of season 3 is ‘what does it mean to be human?’ All of the characters will be exploring that question, especially Kara.”

The tension between human and alien certainly seems to be coming to a head for Kara, who is heard intoning over the new trailer that “Kara Danvers was a mistake.”

The Hollywood Reporter has a full writeup of the panel, including intel on new characters: Ruthless real estate developer Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar), who pits himself against Lena Luthor; M’yrnn J’onnz (Carl Lumbly), a.k.a. J’onn J’onnz’s father; Psi (Yael Grobglas), a psychic who can harness people’s minds; and Ruby (Emma Tremblay), a kid who teams up with Supergirl and oh no that can’t end well, can it.

Watch the official trailer:

Queller also answered fans’ burning questions about Sanvers (a.k.a. Maggie/Alex): “I think most of you know that Floriana [Lima] is not able to return for the full season, which was a great disappointment to us. But that said, we have an amazing, beautiful story to tell in her remaining episodes that is emotional and modern and really honors the love between these two women, and she is always welcome to come back to our show whenever she is available. We love Maggie, we love Sanvers, and we are devoted to them forever.”

Supergirl returns October 9.

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Posted by Leah Schnelbach

The trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 has doubled down on the ’80s nostalgia, with prominent turns from Dragon’s Lair, Ronald Reagan, and Mr. Vincent Price. Obviously the kids ain’t afraid of no ghosts after what happened to them last season, so this trailer sees them donning Ghostbusters costumes for Halloween and capturing…something…in their trap. And no, Will Byers can’t quite shake what happened to him.

Click through for the full clip!

The Stranger Things SDCC panel featured The Duffer Brothers, Matthew Modine (eeee-villlll scientist Martin Brenner), David Harbour (gruffly heroic Sheriff Hopper), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Noah Schnapp (Will) and Mille Bobbie Brown (Eleven), plus introducing Paul Reiser as a new kooky scientist. But the best moment had to come when Shannon Purser turned up in line to ask whether Barb was coming back for Season 2, and, having been told she was not being revived, joined the cast on stage for a final hurrah.

RIP Barb. Always in our hearts.



Jul. 22nd, 2017 06:53 pm
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1. I made two really tasty things with my farm share yesterday: napa cabbage slaw (soy, sesame, fresh lime juice, rice vinegar, scallions, and peanuts) as well as a kohlrabi salad from Yotam Ottolenghi (fresh lemon juice, olive oil, Greek yogurt, salt and pepper, fresh mint, and I'll add arugula á la minute) and they will be tonight's dinner along with some roasted chicken thighs. Om nom nom.

2. This morning I was really good at what I do.

3. This afternoon I went for a walk with kiddo and the visiting [livejournal.com profile] ltlbird, and after that we played card games and watched cartoons, and these have been lovely ways to spend a Shabbes afternoon.

4. This weekend I've been reading a draft of something awesome and offering beta comments and that is making me super-happy.

5. I spent some time learning today about the origins of Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, and Magic: the Gathering (my kid asked me which came first and I did not know, but now I do.) It's neat to be learning things about geek culture because my kid wants to know more.

How are y'all?


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