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2:48pm, EDT: Whelp, I'm bailing out of the RS Livejournal. Nice of DW to set up an automatic import page; though this means that
a) this is taking forever (because I have, yikes, 12 years worth of entries). Even on a university computer.
I guess probably half of LJ is doing the same thing.
b) I am going to have to go back at some point and get rid of a bunch of duplicate entries, and
c) I may also need to flag certain old things "private" again.
Ogod, please tell me the things ALREADY down as private stay that way when they import. eep.

2:52: Goddammit, PLEASE do this quickly: I only have twenty more minutes of lunch. And that's WITH the second signout...

I should perhaps clarify. This morning, upon arrival, I found out that the President of Mailrooms Etc. was going to be descending upon us later in the day. Naturally, I thought, this WOULD happen on the day when I'd decided no one would care if I wore my least presentable pair of work trousers.

Then, after we'd got back from the delivery route, my boss (who'd arrived in the interim) told us that [Pres.] would be arriving around 4. We all breathed a small sigh of relief.
The boss then disappeared in quest of lunch.
I finished up all of MY stuff and then, as [coworker] was "back" from lunch (she has a bad habit of not actually leaving the office...), clocked out.
[Pres.] promptly walked in the door.

I decided I'd better stick around for a few minutes while my boss was getting himself back to the office, just to help ward off any disasters that would otherwise happen while he was watching...
So that was why I clocked out twice.*

3:05: explain to my grandparents' old swedish exchange student what "Quarter Peal" means

3:10: Monkeys, if this thing doesn't finish in about the next two minute, I'm gonna have to abort. $#17.

3:14: $#17. OK, try again later.

4:00 (while sitting around the Copy Center, because Reasons): Hm. I seem to recall something about "irrevocable process", and the Import Journal page still says "waiting in queue" or something to that effect. So *hopefully* it's still chugging away. Anybody know more than I do about how this works?

ETA - 9pm EDT (why am I still at University??): OK, we have liftoff import! Still waiting on ten years' worth of comments, though. Hopefully they come through ok.

* Apparently I did one of these as clocking OUT, rather than clocking out to lunch. My boss fixed it, hopefully in some way that didn't show me out to lunch for an hour and a half!
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Just by way of explanation in advance:
I've started a "Steeplekeeper's diary" on my Dreamwidth account. It's mostly for my own benefit--to provide me with a record for my report at next year's annual meeting, if nothing else. But it's also going to be a sort of blog-within-a-blog, for anyone who's interested in following along with what I'm doing (maintenance-wise, anyway) while up a belfry. So. uh...tune in to the original entry periodically if you're interested!

Weather has been autumnal...ish. Today got up into the 70s, though it was cold this morning. I cycled to the train station for the first time; hopefully my bike will still be there when I get back.

Meantime, my quasi-crush is waaaayy cooler than me. Uh, if you feel like it, write back and remind me of something I'm actually cool at. Between that and work, I actually need a reminder that I'm a worthwhile human being.
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I've also jumped on the bandwagon of naming one's journal after one's place of residence (as with
In the late middle ages, Schreibergasse ("Scribes' Street"), in the German city of Konstanz, was where all the minor clergy and bureaucrats lived. These guys staffed the courts of the Offizial and the Ammann (officials of the bishop, in theory at least), they compiled the tax registers and the town chronicles, they wrote the plays and the anti-peasant satires. If I had lived then, I would have been hanging out with them in the bar at the sign of Purgatory; as it is, I'm spending next year looking at their work for my dissertation. And living on their street, even if they changed the name to Konradigasse in the nineteenth century.
(Silly Germans. In this, I much prefer England, where Lombard St. remains obstinately Lombard St., centuries after Edward I's Italian bankers went bankrupt and moved back to Lucca, and Mickelgate stays Mickelgate eevn after the Danes have thoroughly assimilated into a local population who's forgotten that it once meant Main Street. But I digress. At least it's still a Gasse instead of a Strasse)

Anyway, this is my blog! Hurray! (Yes Seth, I know I should have just built my own, but I'm lazy). Entries here will appear as I feel like it, or have spare time (hah!), or have exciting things happen.

The icon is borrowed from Sovay, who got it from mswyrr. (Yes, I know, the prototype of Peter had a more pronounced chin). Anyway, I'll keep it until I create an icon of my own. Anyone know where I can find downloadable images from Beneventan Exultet Rolls...?
choco_frosh: Image of the Konradigasse (former {Hof-]Schreibergasse) in Konstanz, where I lived in 2005-6 (s'gasse)
There are some things that I swore that I would never do.

Getting a weblog (why would I want one?) or a cell phone (there are too many of them anyway, landlines are fine, and cell phone towers are ugly) were near the top of the list.
But I'm currently working on getting a cell phone (why is a story in itself...), and as you can see, I've also jumped on the bandwagon and gotten a livejournal account.

I'll be going to NASCAR races and shoppping at Walmart next.


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