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One of my housemates is going to be totally occupying our kitchen all afternoon and evening this Saturday--which I can scarcely complain of, as I will undoubtedly be doing the same thing on multiple occasions in the future, but does kinda put a crimp in, y'know, me actually eating anything.

So: does anyone, by chance, feel like asking me over for dinner/going out for food/getting takeout/having me come over to your place and cook you a thing?
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Still up, waiting for the Thanksgiving Zwiebelkuchen to cook. I guess it isn't that late, but my brain's pretty much dead.

- NOT doing anything else cranberry-related for tomorrow.* One sauce is enough, and it is happy in its jar.

- I did get the application for the Database Company That Shall Not Be Named done. Along with like three other job applications.
Possibly the whole thing about introverts responding more productively to caffeine in the afternoons is true.

- So as you will have gathered, I spent the evening cooking. (And attempting to translate a formal invitation from the Icelandic, but that's beside the point.)

- Ursulav's post about Whisper Networks and their problems is hella depressing. And reminds me all too much of...well, that one Readercon.**
It is somehow - irrationally - heartening that her resident Angry Bald Man has now been inducted into the Dorsai, who...well, sometimes, hopefully, help deal with these things.

- Happier fact: it is snowing. (Though shoveling the resulting slop earlier was...not the greatest. Nor was driving through it. OTOH, I was doing both these things 'cause I got to put my car in the driveway, so I don't have to worry about parking bans, snowploughs, or anything related.

There is probably more that I could say, but instead I am going to go to bed--at least temporarily.

* Well, unless I wake up hyper-energetic tomorrow.
** Actually, BOTH Readercons I went to featured the sort of "established people in the fandom being off beyond sketchy" problem that Whisper Networks attempt to deal with. In retrospect, bringing the dagger that one time was kinda dumb, because threatening someone with even a blunt dagger would have been a really really bad way to deal with that sort of situation...but when somebody I know hits the panic button, I sortof tend to go all-out. Anyway, the dagger merely got used to pry open a durian, so it was all good.
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Things I accomplished this evening:

- Went to monthly Art Walk
- Baked Lebkuchen for Mitbewohner (Christmas) and for students (Monday)

Things we have learned:

- "Holiday Sale" at MECA is code for "complete madhouse"
- The go-go dancers in 70s fashions were there for the opening of a new fashion design gallery boutique thingie, and they were backed up by amazons who looked like they'd wandered off the set of 2001 and by a woman wearing a fruit and cheese buffet.
There were also donuts.
Also, this place (The Madhouse) may have to be added to my list of Places I Want To Take Anyone Who Comes To Visit, if only for the tshirts.

- When your housemate says he is going away for the week, make sure you know which day. Otherwise, he may walk in on you unexpectedly when (as a hypothetical example) you've taken what you thought was an opportunity to do all the things that cheesed him off, and also undertaken a major cooking project that covered everything in the kitchen in ingredients, bowls, ground almonds, crumbs of lebkuchen dough, etc etc etc.
- Never cook something complicated for the first time unless EITHER you're the only one eating it OR you have a single, reliable recipe (rather than making one up based on your notes from the Joy and the original 1558 version)
- Anyone who says Lebkuchen is easy is a filthy, filthy liar.
- It is, however, something I can cook.

Things we did not learn:
- What was up with the zombie furries at the Art Walk
- What consistency Lebkuchen is supposed to be when it comes out of the over. Or when it goes into the oven, for that matter.
(Anyone who's baked Lebkuchen themselves, feel free to weigh in here.

Things we did not accomplish:
Any grading at all.
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Things I have spent too much time on today:
- Making meat pies*
- Looking up the relationships both within phylum Mollusca and between it and other clades, to determine whether it is, in fact, monophyletic.**

Oddly enough, BOTH of these are related to my brother's wedding. Which is this evening.

I should probably get off the computer, then.

* I nearly typed "meta pies". Which is almost accurate, given the diversity of ingredients...
** I am tempted to say that the ability to understand this sentence is an essential characteristic of any future girlfriend.


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