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Good Lord, that was an earthquake.

And we thought it was just the dryer briefly going into synch with the one upstairs...
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I have acquired a rug.
It is the nicest* kind of rug: free. (From one of Dad's friends) It is in good shape, and not unattractive (although I suspect it clashes with the pastel green walls). It is 8' x 12'.

The maximum distance between my bookshelves and my dresser is about 7'9".

Long-term, this is going to require me to disassemble the bookshelves; get all the dust bunnies, empty moving boxes, flattened moving boxes, still FULL moving boxes, plaster dust etc. out from under my bed; dust same; replace and re-position the rug (though where in God's name it's going to be while I'm doing the other stuff I DON'T know); and rebuild the bookcases on top of some sort of prop:* hopefully some boards but probably made of back issues of Speculum and the AHR.

Short-term, I have an extremely lumpy rug.

(Also, why does this sort of thing always happen when I have two projects due the next day?)

* OK, the MOST ideal rug would be the kind you get just before winter, horses.

**(so that they don't collapse from have one side on the floor and the other on the rug)
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...So the night before last we were attempting to watch Russian Ark (A rather bizarre film--it´s a tour of the Hermitage Palace in St. Petersburg´s history and art collections, all in one shot). I say attempting, because a) the various video programs on our computers have issues, and b) on Grace´s computer, it kept stalling at chapter 12. Hence, I tried it out on MY computer. And, after some trial and error, manage to get it to actually work. So I invited Grace over to our makeshift couch/daybed, and plugged it in.
A word about plugs. My computer has the standard power converter etc., but German plugs have a different shape than US ones; so while the computer is perfectly happy to run on European current, it needs a plug adaptor. For this purpose, I use an old thing that I think was actually designed for electric rasers.
So you can probably imagine what happened when I tried plugging this arrangement into the (rather old) multiple-plug extension cord under the day bed.
Yep. The lights went out. We managed to remain calm. Grace discovered that the lights over the kitchen sink and in the bathroom still worked; I went out into the front hall and located the fuse box for the building. Unfortunately, it WAS a fuse box...and I have never been initiated into the anceient art of Fuse Replacement. Nor were there any spare fuses, either there or (after some hurried searching) in the apartment.
I called the Hausverwaltung. No response. I looked up the word for "blew a fuse" (man sagt tatsächlich, "Die Sicherung ist durchgebrannt"), and called our landlord´s secretary.
"Herr Burson! How nice to hear from you! It´s been a long time! How are you?"
"Im moment nicht so gut...Die Sicherung ist durchgebrannt..."
We discussed this for a few minutes, discovering in the process that NEITHER of us actually knew the word for fuse. She said she would call her husband, who hopefully would.
Half an hour and a phone call to my landlord later, she was there, with husband, who examined the fuse box and revealed that there were in fact no fuses in the plugs for our apartment. We knocked on the door of our neighbor (whom we'd never met), in the hope of advice and/or spare fuses.
"Do you think it's too late?" flustered Frau Rabe. "I can hear him watching television..." I replied. He proved to be a somewhat irascible old man, but he gave us the vital information that HIS electricity was controlled by a separate panel. Armed with this information, we opened the closet by the front door, and discovered a row of Stromunterbrecher (Argh, what's that in English again?) Mission accomplished.
But I still don't know how to change a fuse.

Meantime, it's Saint Patrick's day. I feel like I ought to be out at an Irish pub drinking green beer, but I'm really not in the mood. Top o' the evening to ye, though!
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Yes indeed: yesterday there was a knock on the door, and I opened it to admit a large electrician in coveralls, here to have a look at the Waschmaschine situation. I took him down to the basement, and showed him the washing mashine, the taped together plumbing and the non-functioning pump. Then had to do this a couple more times as we were joined by
Another guy in coveralls (Installateur, which more or less=plumber), who opened up the pump (strong smell of sulpher) and the piping (further gush of water and smell of something growing...). In THEORY he´ll be back tomorrow to fix the pump.
Landlord´s wonderful scretary
Representative of the building management, who informed us that they now want to have the possibility of MULTIPLE washing mashines in this part of the basement, with SEPARATE plugs.
By this point, with five people all examining the situation, it really was starting to resemble the New Cooker Sketch...
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As I’ve mentioned, dinner last night…and tonight…was a bit complicated. Decided the following was the best way to describe ‘em: it’s in classical form (repeating lines, unnecessarily long)

“Blues” )


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