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Typical me after Easter: eating waaaayyy too much candy.

I should probably cut my losses and go to bed. (After drinking a whole bunch o' water.) Tomorrow afternoon will feature me hauling P. to the March for Science: there is allegedly a family-friendly event somewhere around the Bandstand, though we may ditch it if we get bored. And then probably go to the Science Museum. (Well, or the Aquarium.)

Sooo...probably going to see a whole bunch o' people I know! Though they may be elsewhere on the Common, and a couple of them are in a state of "hoping to come if they can get out of bed." Here's hoping.
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So I forwarded G's Red Sox Exodus to [a clergy friend who shall remain nameless]. This being the retelling of the 2004 season that ends "...And the fans set fire to cars on Lansdowne Street. The Word of the Lord."

CFWSRN wrote back
"We did set fire to cars -- and it was very good!"


I mean, he may be kidding, or using "we" loosely, but even if so...
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Reasons I hate study guide preparation:

1. Tedious, fiddly, stressful.

2. One of the major annoyances of World History - namely, trying to cram too much material into too little space - in concentrated form.

3. Foreknowledge that students will complain about it.

4. Invariably makes me realize that I've been inadvertently sexist in my coverage all semester. (Reminds me that I did the same thing last year/semester, promised myself amendment of life, and failed to do better.)

5. I should not have to work during Triduum.

6. Especially after singing five services in 3.5 days.

7. Designing romanesque churches, playing antiquated computer games, and rereading A Clash of Kings all seem like much more worthwhile endeavors.

I going to drink now. (Well, like a glass.) Then sleeeeep.
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I still think of it as Galata: the former Genoese colony to the north of the Golden Horn, crowned by a huge fourteenth-century tower. It’s at the top of a very steep hill, which we hiked up more or less by guesswork. Beyond it begins Istanbul’s main shopping street, the Iskiklal Cad, which we wandered around before hiking down, through increasingly poor neighbourhoods, to reach Christ Church )


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