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1. Census seems to have dropped the ball on getting us all necessary (well, useful) paperwork, so it didn't seem worthwhile to go out and patrol today.

2. BRCF sent me another load of stuff last week: more than the first lot, but certainly not fifteen hours' worth.* I finished it up Friday, and am now waiting to either hear whether it met their standards or get a new lot to work on. So THAT was out...**

3. ...So I spent apparently spent too much of the weekend sitting and/or walking in non-ergonomic ways, and now my knee is acting up again. Or rather, doing the other other thing in the repertoire, namely making my right heel ache like blazes.

Despite this, I'm going running. Last time this happened, letting my various bits stay inert was worse than resting them...

* leaving me wondering yet again whether they don't have as much stuff in need of editing as I'd been given to understand, or whether someone honestly thought a 5.5 hour job was going to take more than twice that.

** I suspect they're going to hand me a bunch of stuff on Wednesday, which would be fine except that I'm going to be at Readercon for the four days following!
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SooOOoo... a solid week ago I got this new job. And I thought my problems were over.

Guess what? They're not. Read more... )
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OK, well, I should be putting an Arisia proposal together right now. Well, TECHNICALLY I said I was going to do my Census post-class self-study today, so I should be doing that, but for reasons that will become clear in a few moments, Fuck That.

Sooo... the week before last, I think it was, I applied for a job as a...junior researcher, I think it was, at [Boston Research Consulting Firm]. VERY unusually, from my experience, the department head subsequently got back in touch, albeit mainly to tell me that I was horribly overqualified. (Which was possibly true, but a) I'm switching careers, kinda, so that's expected, and b) Hey, it's a job.) Usually, even if they DO get in touch to tell you you're overqualified, that's the end of it, and you're left feeling like "Well, fuck." In THIS case, though, he said he was going to forward my résumé on to Matt, the head of their Editorial department, because they might have some freelance editorial work down the line. And that could STILL have been the end of it, but Matt actually DID email me, to say "...please let me know your bandwidth (how many hours a week you would be available to edit our research content) and let’s set up a time to talk." So I write back, and then don't hear from him for over a week, while I sit around wondering what the heck has happened THIS time.

On Wednesday, after asking myself What Would My Dad Do?, I took a moment before Census training and called Matt's number to ask more or less exactly that question, and in due course we set up an appointment for this morning.*


So I get there--it's the fifth floor in a faceless office park in Waltham--and have to wait a bit, and then meet Matt and get ushered into a conference room: all of which was expected. And THEN we spend like fifteen minutes chatting about German History--which was definitely NOT--before we get down to the nitty gritty of what the job entails. As I had expected, it was going to be more of what I've been doing for [cheapskate client in Germany], namely taking stuff written by experts and editing it so it's actually decent prose.
What I had NOT been assuming was an on-the-spot job offer.

And then came the moment I had been hoping wouldn't happen. "So what do you think would be a reasonable starting rate?" he asked.

Oh Shit. I mean, I know I've been horribly underpaid in the past, but this is a potentially globalized field, and I don't want to get to greedy, because I REALLY want this job...

"Let's start me at $15?"

Matt actually laughed in my face.** "Well, I'd LIKE to employ you at that rate--or at any rate my bosses would..."
"What can I say, I've been really underpaid!"
Anyway, I somehow managed to recover from this screw-up,*** and we agreed that I should start at their standard starting rate for editors.

...which is $45 per hour.

Pause to let that sink in.
I'm going to be working part time, but still.

I guess I should have learned from Harvard Business School that any time you add the word "business" to a job description, they jack up the salary.

* At this point in writing this, I took a pause to go look at what was probably a juvenile bald eagle, sitting on a tree about fifty yards down the shore. As you can guess from the preceding, I'm in Maine again.

** You probably just did too, given that $15 was what we figured MRE should have been paying me, and this is a much more highly-skilled job. (Though it's also a much more pleasant one, and you can't outsource [University]'s mailroom work to someone with good English in Mumbai.) What can I say, I panicked. Fortunately, [see above]

*** I should perhaps note at this juncture that Matt is yet another person who got a PhD but then decided he didn't want to teach, AND got it in German studies, so PART of all this was that he took pity on my post-academic floundering.
That sounds more self-pitying than I feel, I guess: the OTHER part is that I'm hella good at editing papers in questionable English, and amply demonstrated that I'm experienced in the same in the course of the interview.
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"Uhhh..." I said to my counselor on Friday. "What the Sam Hill were we talking about last week?"
"It's been sort of a crazy week. Last...what was it, Thursday?" "Friday." "Right, seems life a really long time ago. I think I told you I was going to have Peter visiting this past weekend?"
"Yeah, how did that go?"
"Uh, pretty well, I mean as Peter visits go."

Which is to say )
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I am in a bad %$^(&*) mood right now.

I got rejected for the Harvard cataloging job I was hoping to get.

I looked at all the likely job websites yesterday without result; this leaves me with* roughly zero motivation to look at all the second-string options today.

My employer/client in Germany is giving me the runaround.* He emailed me about a mammoth editing project yesterday; I wrote back to say Sure, I can do that by Friday, expecting that he'd be emailing me the actual document that evening.
I still do not have the actual document.
(And also, every passing hour is one less that I have to work on this %$^&( thing, and therefore increases the likely stressfulness of actually getting the job done.)

Due to the second and third points, I have spent most of today alternating between checking mail every three seconds, playing Civ3, and working on a graphics projects.**

...Oh, and OLD bad news: my sister-in-law didn't get into Tufts, so they won't be moving to Boston this winter as we had all (for various reasons) hoped.


* In his defense, it sounds like this is because the end client is giving HIM the runaround.
On the other hand, this is the second week in a row that something like this has happened.

** And I can't figure out WHAT I was thinking the first time I designed that spiral staircase, since I can't figure out how I can get it to the second floor of the bell tower in any reasonable fashion; and it looks like I'm going to have evacuate my troops from Argos. So those distractions aren't exactly improving my mood.
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gaaaah that was a really long assignment. Cutting an Econ. article down by nearly half. Took forever, tho that was mostly cause I'd never done anything like that before, and it sucks, and so I procrastinated wicked bad.
Also in consequence, several of the other things I meant to do this week ain't getting done now.

This last is because I'm off to New Hampshire tomorrow! This is awesome, although it would be awesomer had plans to have people visit me not (it seems likely, at least) fallen through. But still, hiking.
(If any of you reading this suddenly want to drop in and sit by a lake, or maybe climb Mt. Nancy, lemme know. Preferably by phone, since the cabin doesn't have internet.)


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