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As P. and I approach the end of our stay in England, assorted thanks and apologies:

First (chronologically) to the staff of Virgin Atlantic, who checked us in when we showed up flustered and an hour later than we should have been. (G. had forgotten P's passport, and retrieving it took rather a lot of time. Good thing I built an hour of "something goes hideously wrong" time into the schedule.)

Second (though most importantly) to my Mom and her husband, who put up with a frequently hyper nine-y-o and his father (moody, broody, inclined to leave them with the kid in favour of doing tourist stuff) for nine days, AND totally drove us around and paid for tickets and bankrolled us all the way.

Third, to the waitress at the Lindesfarne Inn, near Berwick and the aforesaid Isle, for helping keep up with all of our orders, supplying me with cider, and lending me her pen to write postcards and things. I repaid the favour by inadvertently walking off with the pen.

Finally (well, I hope): to the change ringers of York, who not only enthusiastically welcomed a questionably competent ringer to Sunday ringing,* but then invited me back for practice.
At which point I promptly fumbled the sally and consequently broke the stay on the #4.
They did not have a spare stay.
And then they STILL were all understanding*** and supportive and mostly concerned about whether I'd injured myself (ans: not beyond mild rope burn), AND let me keep ringing, which was good 'cause that's traditionally the moment when learners totally freeze up and have to relearn like a zillion things before they recover their confidence, and then invited me out to the pub and bought me a pint. Ladies and Gents, if you're ever in Boston, I totally owe you Thai food.
And now I'm gonna go home and neurotically check every stay in the tower at CotA for signs of damage.


Also, mad thanks (though I hope no apologies!) to [personal profile] tree_and_leaf and husband, who invited me to Wakefield and put me up, so that I actually got a chance to hang out in person with Tree for more than half an hour.


* I mean, at home I'm at least vaguely competent, but they're intimidatingly good. Y'know, perfect striking, the fourteen-year-old who's learning to ring two bells at one, the twelve-year-old who's learning Bristol...and the fact that several of them can ring a bell with no stay.

** Once again, then stay is the chunk of wood attached to the bell that prevents it from swinging past the point where the mouth is pointing up.

*** Admittedly, they tell me this happens a lot at St. Wilfrid's, and the #4 is traditionally (both there and elsewhere) one of the bells that gets abused by novice ringers the most.
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- One of my housemates unexpectedly (to me) moved out yesterday. A bit odd, having the door off the kitchen open all the time now. Also weird (though pleasant) will be not having to play Car Musical Chairs in the driveway all the time.
I looked through his room, now empty but for all the detritus that must have been there when he moved IN. It is superior to mine in having actual real windows. I'd move up there...except it's also a great deal smaller than mine.
I briefly wondered whether I was being a spoiled princess about this. I mean, I'd have to abandon the double bed and my microwave, but...
Then I realized that while it MIGHT be possible to cram my bureau in there along with the futon (or a twin-size), there was no WAY I could also fit my bookshelves in there as well.
I see why Squigamunk wants to get a house primarily so she can have a library...

Subrealm: Kvetching
- This week has been kinda depressing for various reasons, and I have wasted far too much of it playing online Lemmings. Especially frustrating:
-Archaeology gig that I applied for. Yeah, pretty cool. But of course they haven't gotten back to me. (No one gets back to me.) This is a special problem, however, because this gig would have me working on the weekends, every weekend. This makes planning my summer social/hiking calendar rather problematic.
-Yet another job advertisement from EBSCO! ...for what look to be exactly the same jobs I applied for last month. Hence why I want to write them a cover letter that says "Look, if you think I suck and never want another application from me, please just tell me, so I'm not just left hanging.
-Also? this trackpad keyboard mouse. Keeps redirecting my typing to some previous line. AND prevents me from beating Lemmings Mayhem l.4!


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