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1. Census seems to have dropped the ball on getting us all necessary (well, useful) paperwork, so it didn't seem worthwhile to go out and patrol today.

2. BRCF sent me another load of stuff last week: more than the first lot, but certainly not fifteen hours' worth.* I finished it up Friday, and am now waiting to either hear whether it met their standards or get a new lot to work on. So THAT was out...**

3. ...So I spent apparently spent too much of the weekend sitting and/or walking in non-ergonomic ways, and now my knee is acting up again. Or rather, doing the other other thing in the repertoire, namely making my right heel ache like blazes.

Despite this, I'm going running. Last time this happened, letting my various bits stay inert was worse than resting them...

* leaving me wondering yet again whether they don't have as much stuff in need of editing as I'd been given to understand, or whether someone honestly thought a 5.5 hour job was going to take more than twice that.

** I suspect they're going to hand me a bunch of stuff on Wednesday, which would be fine except that I'm going to be at Readercon for the four days following!
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(Some of you already know about this, and I think I've alluded to my recent health issues on here but...well, $#!7's happened, and I figured I'd better explain it, or my next post or two isn't going to make any sense at all to most of you.)

Back in...yeesh, December, I suppose...I had a recurrence of my old knee problems. Soreness, swelling, vague feelings of unsteadiness, pain when I tried to run on it. I'd had this back in August, but on that occasion it was partly because my shoes were ridonculously worn out, and this didn't appear to be the case this time around. So I hoped it would get better.
It didn't.
Eventually, sovay--and everyone else I'd talked to about this--browbeat me into seeing a doctor. Trouble was, I'd called my GP, and they'd told me to go to the physical therapist I'd seen last time.
I'd never told them I'd never gotten around to calling the therapist the last time. (Look, it was hell week at work, and I have little enough free time even under normal circumstances.)

I eventually called the physical therapist they'd referred me to anyway. And I got an appointment and went in, and they poked and prodded and massaged and made me do a whole bunch of weird exercises (both there and in my copious spare time), and for most of a week things were going better. I actually canceled my appointment last Thursday, in part* because I wasn't sure it was absolutely necessary.
Perhaps inevitably, it was on Thursday that I got up and realized that while my knee was continuing to feel better, my ankle felt like I'd sprained it the week before and was now on the mend. Slowly.

And equally inevitably, it has gotten worse since. Today I'm in enough pain that I'm skipping the last day of Arisia. No volunteer t-shirt for me. Fuck.

What's going on? Well, presumably I've been favoring that leg, or else holding it funny to compensate for the whole business with the knee, and that's compromised the ankle somehow. And possibly footware's played some roll, and certainly attempting various things yesterday that I shouldn't have tried** has contributed to why it feels so much worse today.

But it all feels so unfair. For my last six sprained ankles, I've done something dumb that put immediate stress on the ligament concerned. And that hurts, but at least you can tell yourself that you'll try not to do that again.
But what the ^%&%* was I supposed to do to prevent this?


This computer's about out of power. And I've got too many things on my plate--even apart from a busted leg. I guess I'm going to try to drive out to the old-school shoe store sovay and family recommended. "Try" because I'm not at all sure either my car or my leg is going to be up to this. Wish me luck.

* The more important considerations being the very real question of whether my $£%^&* insurance is going to pay for any of this, and secondarily the fact that I was hoping to be doing setup for Arisia, of which more later.

** Contradancing and hitting people with plastic swords, for two. Y'know, the normal things people do at Cons.
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On Saturday, as I was packing the car to leave Ossipee, I got a call from the organizer of my Geek Club.
"Hey. Burson. Where are you?"
"Umm, New Hampshire... $#!7, was I supposed to be somewhere??
"...You went to New Hampshire all by yourself???"

I'll leave out the next couple minutes of conversation. Eventually, I got it across to him that I'd been in NH for a week at my aunt's cabin; he reminded ME that I'd signed up for a hiking trip, back when it was still a theoretical possibility without a set date or, indeed, a set hike. It had now, of course, been set as Today, at Arathusa Falls.

I weighed a possibly-sprained knee and a carful of perishable leftovers and laundry, again missing yet ANOTHER meetup (and presumably doing some cool stuff).
"...Ah, what the heck. When are we meeting?"

And so, when I got on the road, it was in a very different direction than expected. One that would ultimately take me over Bear Notch Road, because (a) I'd been by it a million times but never been over it before, and (b) when the traffic on Conway is backed up all the way to the Kanc., you avoid the HECK out of that town.

Once we finally all got there, I had the unusual experience of being the slow one that everyone has to wait for while hiking. But my knee failed to turn sideways and kill me, and eventually we got to the falls.
One of these years, I will go to Arethusa Falls when there's actually a decent amount of water going over it. I mean, it's impressive even after a couple of weeks of drought, but...
I made better time on the way down - the hike seemed to have loosened up my knee, rather than making it worse - and so I got to participate in the conversations about [resident Brony]'s epic trip to Ireland, and his unexpectedly drug-addled past.

[North] Conway traffic also accounted for why we wound up stopping at a barbecue place on the way back, rather than getting Thai food as planned. (Self-destructive impulses presumably account for why I joined 'em all in this, rather than the much cheaper and more sensible option of just heading back to Portland and eating some of my leftovers. Ditto for why I opted in when we all ordered the 'epic piles of meat that provide a week's RDA of protein all at once".) But hey, delicious food. Also awesome conversations: the bits I remember mostly involved ragging on ex- or absent members of the groups, and a pleasant arguement about the ontological basis of morality, because that's just how we roll.

Aand thanks again to insane traffic (and somebody's suggestion), I wound up taking another road over a mountain to get home, except this one was one-lane and insane. I got lost in Fryeburg; but on the other hand, there's some insanely pretty countryside over that way.

The week since then...has mostly involved a less-painful-than-it-could-have been staff meeting (ok), the Development Office unloading all their alcohol onto us afterward (epic), and finding out that Book Company has laid me off (sucky). Back to the ole-job application process, I guess.
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Yesterday was not a good day for parking.

This was the case all over New Haven, where Sunday's storm (which delivered the classic shoreline two inches of sleet, before turning to rain and then freezing over) turned onstreet parking into a nightmare of snowplowed ridge-and-furrow, over ice with zero traction.* I helped some poor lady out of the snow a block from our house, then patted myself on the back and reflected on all the great karma I was accumulating.

Apparently it doesn't work like that.
How I dislocated my shoulder—again )


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