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For those who care, a quick update on my week with Peter:

Background: G was off at clergy camp this week, so I was looking after Peter. I picked him up in Plymouth two Fridays ago, and drove all the way to Boston today to drop him off for an afternoon with his Auntie before G. got home.

It was extremely exhausting, even with Dad and his partner putting im up for a couple of nights (giving me a chance to get a haircut, go running for the first time in a week, and deposit some large checks.)

Stuff we did: We spent a lot of time on various local beaches, this being the chief thing Peter was looking forward to (beach=mile-long sandbox). I did my usual routine of building castles and diverting streams, semi-independently of whatever he was up to. Peter climbed a lot of rocks.
This, of course, was NOT possible while it was raining. Which made those days...let's not talk about it.
- Dad took us to the Maine Maritime museum (a bit old for Peter, but fun for me.*) His Partner took Peter to the Portland Children's Museum (while I was running etc.)
- We met up with Peter's godfather and his daughter at Joker's, which is kind of a for-profit version of the children's museum, though also featuring bad pizza and an excellent indoor climbing maze. Peter's godfather...yeah. Is also in some stage of the process of getting divorced - under circumstances that make me feel good about my own behavior, which is an achievement - and is now planning to get a PhD in Law. This is about career plan number...5? 6? And somewhere along the line he became a Libertarian. So we're still friends, I guess, but it's kinda weird.
Oh well, Peter got to ride a tiny train with Ivy.
- We wandered around the Maine Audobon sanctuary, brought dinner to Peter's auntie-to-be (Dan wasn't there: he's been in tech for his latest show pretty much 24/7 this past week), and attempted to go to the train museum, unfortunately missing the last train ride. ah well, next time.

Now I am very tired, and attempting to figure out the next two weeks. There will definitely be trying to figure out bloody unemployment and applying for more jobs; I also have to write a paper for, and then organize my transport to, Kalamazoo. Presumably I will make time for socializing, which may or may not include driving all the way to Boston again.

On re-reading, it all sounds much more dire than it was. We did have fun! But yeah, tiring. And I've drawn enough tiny trains for him for the next month, ifyoudon'tmind.

* A propos of that trip, I swear I can remember the Wiscasset Schooners (which the museum naturally discussed) from my childhood, but Dad swears there's no way we ever went by there. Who knows...
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The Five Seasons of Maine

“Spring begins in March,” I remember writing, back when I was seven or thereabouts. “Some people think it begins in April, but it’s really March.”
I’m not really sure who the “some people” were—any more than I can remember why my first- or second-grade teachers handed us the large booklets of sketching paper on which I recorded my observations on the change of the seasons. It may have been only me, rather than my classmates, who thought that Spring began in April, until revelation from a calendar or a teacher informed me otherwise. But in any case, I had cause to be confused. For I grew up in Maine, and northern Maine does not have a spring. Read more... )
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8:15 PM

The chair in my carrel seems to have acquired a cushion. It’s light blue polyester, and rather stained, but it unquestionably does keep my behind more comfortable as I sit here typing this. I guess it belongs to the undergrad who was usurping my work space yesterday evening, who was rather surprised when I showed up to reclaim it, and still more surprised when I nonchalantly reached over her to grab my gloves and hat from the shelf, and asked her to pass me the book on the end of the row. I expect at some point she’ll return to reclaim it, trying to remember where she came to study in peace and quiet a day ago. But for the moment, it’s keeping the calluses on my butt under control. Read more... )
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OK, forget what I said about spring. It´s now snowing. On the daffodils, admittedly, but that just makes things more depressing.


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