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grumble grumble stupid pharmacies that bug you endlessly to get your prescriptions refilled, then only hold them for like 48 hours when you actually manage to do so, grumble.

Anyway. Another week has slid by, and I still haven't gotten around to writing up the rest of last weekend. ([personal profile] julian has been travelloging after the fact, so I guess I could do the same?) But tomorrow I am off to the Cape with a kid and a couple of passengers, to ring bells and annoy crustaceans.* Wish us luck!

* OK, you know and I know that technically horseshoe crabs are chelicerates, Order Xiphosura; but the older literature referred to all marine arthropods as crustaceans, and there really isn't a better word. And who knows, we may find hermit crabs or something.
PS: Limulus polyphemus is one of only FOUR living species worldwide? yeesh.
PPS: Limulus polyphemus is a really great name.
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(Some of you already know about this, and I think I've alluded to my recent health issues on here but...well, $#!7's happened, and I figured I'd better explain it, or my next post or two isn't going to make any sense at all to most of you.)

Back in...yeesh, December, I suppose...I had a recurrence of my old knee problems. Soreness, swelling, vague feelings of unsteadiness, pain when I tried to run on it. I'd had this back in August, but on that occasion it was partly because my shoes were ridonculously worn out, and this didn't appear to be the case this time around. So I hoped it would get better.
It didn't.
Eventually, sovay--and everyone else I'd talked to about this--browbeat me into seeing a doctor. Trouble was, I'd called my GP, and they'd told me to go to the physical therapist I'd seen last time.
I'd never told them I'd never gotten around to calling the therapist the last time. (Look, it was hell week at work, and I have little enough free time even under normal circumstances.)

I eventually called the physical therapist they'd referred me to anyway. And I got an appointment and went in, and they poked and prodded and massaged and made me do a whole bunch of weird exercises (both there and in my copious spare time), and for most of a week things were going better. I actually canceled my appointment last Thursday, in part* because I wasn't sure it was absolutely necessary.
Perhaps inevitably, it was on Thursday that I got up and realized that while my knee was continuing to feel better, my ankle felt like I'd sprained it the week before and was now on the mend. Slowly.

And equally inevitably, it has gotten worse since. Today I'm in enough pain that I'm skipping the last day of Arisia. No volunteer t-shirt for me. Fuck.

What's going on? Well, presumably I've been favoring that leg, or else holding it funny to compensate for the whole business with the knee, and that's compromised the ankle somehow. And possibly footware's played some roll, and certainly attempting various things yesterday that I shouldn't have tried** has contributed to why it feels so much worse today.

But it all feels so unfair. For my last six sprained ankles, I've done something dumb that put immediate stress on the ligament concerned. And that hurts, but at least you can tell yourself that you'll try not to do that again.
But what the ^%&%* was I supposed to do to prevent this?


This computer's about out of power. And I've got too many things on my plate--even apart from a busted leg. I guess I'm going to try to drive out to the old-school shoe store sovay and family recommended. "Try" because I'm not at all sure either my car or my leg is going to be up to this. Wish me luck.

* The more important considerations being the very real question of whether my $£%^&* insurance is going to pay for any of this, and secondarily the fact that I was hoping to be doing setup for Arisia, of which more later.

** Contradancing and hitting people with plastic swords, for two. Y'know, the normal things people do at Cons.
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Today started with me slamming one of my fingers in the door while leaving my house.

It actually got worse from there.

(No, before someone panics, no further physical injuries, but work went insane again today. And trying to work with a throbbing finger hasn't helped.)
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Knee is actually better - enough - that I went to running club without doing it damage. Yay, recovery!
(Weather was way too muggy, but Oh Well. Didn't get enough rain, though.)

Meantime, I wish that the day they decided to distribute a thousand copies of [University]'s "State of the Arts" magazine--a publication that I suspect no one actually wants to read--had not coincided with a day on which we received 2500 pieces of REGULAR mail. Just getting it all READY for tomorrow was tricky; distributing it all tomorrow is going to be, quite literally, a pain.
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Various, in no particular order:
-It's hell week at work. One of those weeks where you get 1000+ packages in a day, and the lines of students waiting to pick them up wrap around the staircase, and everyone's working overtime...every day.
Next week will probably also be hell week.

- Another symptom of this is that the longer-term employees are temporarily ignoring the finer details of the dress code. In my case, this is partly because I realized that the job has killed my shoes, and the state of my shoes is probably the real culprit in killing my knee.*
We will see whether a week of not wearing them helps. Meantime, I should find new shoes. And perhaps also a good shoe repair place.

- My Mom is coming in for a state visit on Saturday. This would be cool, except for the fact that it means I have to actually clean my room. And figure out what we're doing. Mom wants to go to my "favorite breakfast place". This vision does not, unfortunately, square with the facts. I do not go out for breakfast when at home: I am poor, I make very good pancakes, and going out for breakfast takes time that I could spend on job applications, computer games, bellringing, or sleep. Also, while my neighborhood has some excellent breakfast places, this is a fact known to everyone else in Camforville, and so spending an hour standing in line outside Sound Bites or Ball Square Cafe is very much the done thing; but I don't think that's quite what Mom had in mind...

- Distracting myself from all this by planning my birthday party.

* For the short-term problem. I may still want to see a physical therapist, because while the shoes may be the source of the IMMEDIATE, can't-run-and-also-pain flair-up, this is also a long-term issue.
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I was feeling good enough that I went off to work this morning, but then was feeling weird enough that I left after three hours, went home, and took a nap. Then I checked my blog.
I was planning to apologize to Nineweaving, in case I gave HER the Lurgi. And I was going to say that maybe we should have just thrown cake at [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and [personal profile] sovay and fled the scene, instead of being sociable. And I was going to hope, forlornly, that I hadn't given the Plague to TOO many people at the contradance Sunday night. But...

I should have mentioned that the Lurgi was a very strange one. It felt like the 'flu...without the flu part: I had (indeed, have) headaches and frequent dizziness in a way that reminded me of being drunk; I got tired easily, and But I wasn't nauseous, and most importantly didn't have any cold symptoms.

Sovay, I guess, DID have the 'flu (and is now hopefully on the mend); and she told me I ought to see a doctor, stat. So I did.
Diagnosis: "You don't need to keep the face mask on." No fever, and no cold symptoms: no flu. Instead, we're thinking it's probably a weird, unprecedented side-effect of antidepressants. So I'm to tough it out til next week, and meantime maybe scale back the coffee a bit. We'll see what happens.

(I also got a wart frozen off.)


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