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More about things that start with C:

Californianization of everything: It's most noticeable with women's fashion. Wearing sunglasses as they were a barette, say; or the 12-month flipflop wearers. Also tanning, and fake tans.
And complaining about the cold all the time, while taking heat as a necessary evil.
All the things people where it seems as though they're pretending they live in the Sunshine State. (So why don't they just move there??)
Am I hatin'? Probably.

New topic!

Other things I hate: chemical dependency in general. grr.

The Film: Die Comedian Harmonists is one of those films where I'm not sure if it's actually good or not. It's basically a group biopic cum excuse to perform lots of the group's songs. But I hadn't heard of the group before, and both their music and their story are pretty cool.

For those who are as clueless as I was: The Comedian Harmonists were a male a capella group formed in Germany around about 1920: it says something about the Zeitgeist of 1920s Germany both that an a capella group became all-stars, and that someone in Marketing insisted that their name had to NOT be German if they were going to gain any sort of popularity. So the movie is partly about that wild, swingin', liberal decade before the Depression led to some Austrian maniac getting elected Chancellor. Of the period's genesis in the aftermath of WW1, of its crazy artsy weirdness, and of its demise...since a couple of them were Jewish, the group wound up breaking up when half of them had to flee the country. (The film closes, if memory serves, with an overview of what happened to them afterward, including who got drafted into the Wehrmacht and probably died horribly in Russia, vs who faded into obscurity in New York...)

But in between, in movie and in film, you get a lot of good songs, although inevitably it's the one where they impersonate a jazz band that you remember. Well, that and "Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus," of course.
(The acting and casting, as far as I can recall, are first-rate. Again, I watched this in Germany, so it's been a while.)
Anyway. In other news, new!coworker and I are each skiving off work tomorrow, and in fact both in unison started changing into dressier clothes as soon as we closed the window. As I put it "You are off to lots and lots of con stuff. I am off to lots and lots of Church stuff!"
...Although I have a standing invitation to crash their room party if MY afterparty turns out to be lame. We'll see.
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Meme from [personal profile] tree_and_leaf, among others. Brought to you by the letter C.

Something I hate:
There are a lot of options here, ranging from certain kinds of Conservatism to the California-ization of American culture to cauliflower. I can post more about any of the above if people are interested.
But I think I'm going to go with caffeine addiction, because that's the one that's hit me between the eyes this afternoon.

Something I love:
Contradancing, chocolate, curry, Cherryh novels, coffee (though that last is a bit of a love-hate relationship.) Climbing things. Especially rocks and mountains, though I used to climb a lot of trees.

Someplace I've been:
Well, both Cambridges, obviously. Constance. Carter Notch.
But what I remember this week is Cologne,* which I passed through at speed almost exactly fifteen (liturgical) years ago. I saw the cathedral, I had a beer, I sadly missed the opportunity to steal half the contents of the Stadtarchiv. I experienced German breakfast for the first time. I managed, badly and with a phrasebook, to make myself understood in a bakery; my accent was good enough that the employees thought I spoke more German than was in fact the case.
I resolved that I hd to go back to Germany one day.

Someplace I'd like to go:
Catalonia. It was my advisor's region of expertise, and I'd run into it even before then: it seems ridiculous to know as much (random stuff) about a place that I have never been in.

Someone I know:
...Huh. All the people I can think of are queer, in one way or another.
C-- is one of the bellringers. She's maybe 60, lives with her partner (also a bellringer) near Foxboro, but works (I think) at MIT. Somewhat stout, very very distractable, plays some iPhone game about Portals constantly, good bellringing teacher and leader despite it all. I like her very much.

A film I've seen:
Comedian Harmonists. OK, in English it's apparently called "The Harmonists", but I watched it in German, so screw you.

More detail on some of these to follow: I should get back to work.

* I am a firm believer in the theory that, if a place has a well-established name in English, you refer to it that way in English unless the inhabitants have specifically requested otherwise. Other place's I've been include Londres and Firenz, after all.
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I dreamt last night that I had accidentally applied for two oDesk jobs on behalf of Judah Kapelowicz,* and was now worried that I was going to have to do the second one myself. I was not clear at the time whether he was dead or not.
Up late last night attempting to get my FSOT essays done. Wound up drinking FAR too much caffeine** and looking at Foul Bachelor Frog*** at 1:30 AM. Gave up and decided to do the other three of them today.

Then at 3 I'm off to pick up Peter for the weekend, so I'd REALLY better be done by then!

* I'm writing a module on tenement life for this comp. textbook, and...
** OK, probably not quite Kevin C. levels, but still. And a bad combo with the meds. that I'm on.
*** WARNING: Do not read this unless you like disgusting humor AND have an hour to waste.
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OK, I should really be working on the introduction to my dissertation, but this is just too good to pass up...

Go to Wikipedia. Type in your birth date (but not year). List three events that happened on your birthday. List two important birthdays and one interesting death. Post this in your journal.
Read more... )

Meantime: we had our wonderful landlady (and her husband) over for dinner last night: initially planned to do Chicken Chasseur, but they don´t usually eat heavily in the evening. So I was going to do Mulligatawny Soup and popovers, until Grace (somewhat braindead after a week on a farm, but apparently more alert than I) reminded me that we don´t actually have any muffin tins. So we went the Traditional American route, with fried chicken and biscuits. And actually managed to keep conversation going through dinner. Go us!
Oh, and we fly to Istanbul on Wednesday...


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