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I have now joined the ranks of People Who Have Seen Fury Road. Squigamunk & partner talked me into it, after we had Moved All The Things and also hit the Brunswick Diner one last time.
(Afterwards we had to explain to her that her plaintive question "But when will there be a Mad Max II? was technically moot, since this would nominally be like Mad Max 4 or something.)

Other people have reviewed this film already, and done it better and/or funnier than I could. But hey, what is LJ for if not telling people your
not-so-insightful thoughts on whatever crosses your mind?

But I'm gonna keep this brief.
1) Basically: MMFR is like you took a gender-switched version of Gay, Bejeweled Nazi Bikers of Gor and crashed it into the side of an element-switched version of Waterworld, and then pulled all the concept art out of an old file in Theodore Geisel's desk that modern art historians are now identifying as his Goth phase.*

2) This film features a...vehicle...where they basically welded the body of the General Lee onto some tank treads. (And then I think put in a race car engine or something.)
It is probably the most reasonable, practically-designed ride in this film.

3) I should really have foreseen that if they hang an instrument that is also a weapon and simultaneously also on fire on the wall in Act 1, somebody is going to take it down and have a three-way melee with it in Act V.

* Vernon's description of it as "basically the last half of Watership Down only with metal instead of rabbits" is better. I wish I'd though of that.
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It's 1 April.

Some disconnected thoughts:

1. This is not, of course, a joke post. (I would have thought that the thing about the Anglo-Saxon antibiotic *was* a hoax, but it came out like two days early, and after Mom's manuscripts article in Trends in Genetics, it's not like I don't know that these kinds of bizarro interdisciplinary projects don't happen.)

2. It's also Wednesday in Holy Week. Not sure where I'm going with that, but I wanted to throw that out there. It's obviously on my mind; it certainly was when I originally contemplated that:

3. In one version of events, I was supposed to be moving into the Somerville apartment today. The fact that I am not is rather depressing.
I mean, I'm too thoroughly broke to pay the security deposit on it right now. Though then again, I'm going to be even broker in a month unless something comes up on the job front; but then again, it COULD. (It better.)

3a. Ever wake up in the morning and have a sudden urge to drink a quart of PBR?
As it is, I'm trying to make a couple cups of tea and some cocoa do the work of an extra hour of sleep and a lot less anxiety.
(Also, Hypnos? What's with you apparently demanding overtime from me?)

3b. Apparently the packing urge is coming on me anyway. Yesterday I suddenly had the urge to pack up all my silverware and just make do with Mitbewohner's for the next four weeks.*

4. Things I have been doing too much recently: listening to First Aid Kit; anal-retentively creating ever-more detailed maps of (and base map collages for) my "Germany 1920, as it would have been if I'd gone back in town with a death ray"

* Admittedly, Squigamunk has been starting pruning their stuff for weeks, despite the fact that they're not moving til June. One of us is apparently radically bonkers when packing is concerned.
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OK! Starting 1 September, I'll be at

53 Kellogg Street
Portland, ME 04101.
choco_frosh: Image of the Konradigasse (former {Hof-]Schreibergasse) in Konstanz, where I lived in 2005-6 (s'gasse)
So here's my life for the next week:

Thursday, 4 August:
4:30 Get home, find out what new disasters have happened in the rebuilding of our apartment, mail SECOND copy of rental agreement to landlord in Germany. gnash teeth. Go running to forget all this.
5:30 Pack, cook dinner
7:30 Grace gets home, hot and sweaty from day of planting trees
7:45 Dinner
9:00 Consume vast quantities of ice cream with assorted friends.
11:00 (we hope): My brother appears with enormous U-haul full of his stuff. Find place to PARK said U-haul. Move dresser from U-haul to bedroom; replace with the one that we currently have. Install brother on couch in room that's being rebuilt (hopefully...)

7:30 Heave self out of bed. Persuade brother to do likewise. Get on the road.
9:00 Eat enormous breakfast at O'Rourke's in Middletown.
Drive to Maine. Or rather Dan drives.

Friday-Saturday: Meet up with parents. Stay up til 2 AM cleaning EVERYTHING out of family house. Hold enormous tag sale for some of it; put rest in U-haul.

Sunday, 7 Aug: Drive U-haul south to Portland. Hope brother has apartment. Grace joins us to move Dan into the apartment (if it exists) and put everything else in storage or Dad's girlfriend's house. Collapse.

Monday: Drive back to CT, making stopover at Grace's godparents' summer house to relax. Dinner with Grace's family; say goodbye to crazy sisters-in-law, before one of them decamps to London.
People I know moving to Europe is getting to be a theme. I wonder why...

Tuesday: Frantic last-minute packing, clean out carrel.

Wednesday: Throw last things in bags. Take Connecticutt Limo to JFK. Fly to Germany.

So if you're wondering why you don't hear from me between now and whenever, you'll know why!


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