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Oookay, so tomorrow I get up at 3am So that I can catch a taxi at 3:30am So that I can catch a train at 4am And hopefully get to the airport by 6:20am So that I have time to check in and explain my luggage and relabel my luggage and go through security and get coffee So that I can board my plane by 8:30am Which supposedly departs at 9am (15% chance of rain, winds 20kph) And arrives in New Jersey at 12:20 local time.
And leaving time for things to go wrong I hope to be disembarked, through immigration, and in possession of my luggage by 2:20pm So that I can catch the shuttle by 2:30pm So that I can be at Penn Station by 3:20pm So that I can catch a train at 3:30pm And perhaps be in Boston by 8:30pm And be home before 9:30pm.
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Quick announcements/Peter update/Explanation of my availability/unavailability over the next couple of months:

Friday-Sunday, Nov. 20-22: Peter visits. (Sovay or anyone, wanna go to the Aquarium? I mean, it'll my second visit in a month, but that's not a biggie...)

26 November: Thanksgiving! I get up at a normal hour, drive up to Maine, do dinner with Dan+Emily, and then probably stay in town til Friday night to hang out with them some more...

(28 November: I may still be in Maine, or I may have what passes for a normal Saturday in my life.)
(29 November: Presumably enormous hooplah at Church of the Advent.)

18 December: My office *mostly* shuts down for the year. Hence:
18-20 December: most likely dates for me to have Peter visit here...

21 December-?31 December: I will be out of the country visiting my Mom for Xmas.

The question mark over 31 December is because:
New Year's Eve: Hopefully NOT stuck in Newark Airport, although because I failed to read the fine print on Orbitz as I was booking flights, that's where they think I'll be...
(I'm gonna consult with Mom, and then United, to see if it makes sense to change flights, or just see if Amtrak is running.).
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Sunday, 5 January: 8:00 AM
By rights, I should have been standing on the platform in Konstanz, waiting for my train. That, at least, was the plan.
But when you’re traveling by plane, train AND automobile to the other side of Germany for the conference that your grant agency’s organized, the fates sometimes have other plans. So, apparently, did my sub-conscious, which added up the number of things that could go wrong with this program and decided that the prescribed one hour before my flight didn’t give me enough time to spare. As such, I woke up in a state of nerves at around six and eventually decided that I might as well get up and try to catch the 7:07 instead of waiting another hour.
There were, however, one or two factors that neither my conscious not my sub-conscious mind had taken into account... )


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