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I have just realized what Trump's real motto is.

"The last man nearly ruined this place
He didn't know what to do with it:
If you think this country's bad off now,
Just wait 'til I get through with it!"

(Why yes, I just heard that Grabbers Of Pussies were making a last-ditch effort to repeal the ACA: why do you ask?)
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From an email to a friend:

Protesting and sledding both went pretty well, but both were very cold! I left the protest early, before I *actually* got frostbite; and called a similarly early halt to sledding because my jeans were now filled with ice and my jacket's zipper is broken and I don't handle being cold as well as I used to.

The protest, b.t.w., was a #NoDAPL protest organized by a Hunkpapa Sieux, outside a TD Bank, since they're one of the major funders of TransCanada. Ironically, they are also MY bank. I need to look into transferring all my cash to my credit union account. groan.*

I read part of the Canticle of Brother Sun at the protest, which got me some looks: I'm not sure whether people were impressed and appreciative, or weirded out. [personal profile] teenybuffalo showed up late: I told her she could take over from me on the sign-holding, though we coincided for a quarter hour or so. Peter had been at the Science Museum with a friend and their respective moms: I gather he had fun, though he really really wanted to go sledding. I'd forgotten that Prospect Hill was so steep, though, and hadn't known about the drop-off at the end: so we may actually try Arlington, if we get more sledding in this winter.
Peter spent a lot of time setting up Calvin&Hobbes/slapstick-style improbable sled crash tableaux. I have *got* to look into steering this kid toward theater.

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Does anyone else ever listen to the second verse of Up The Wolves, and kindof want to do all of it?
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Not that I would actually VOTE for it, but I'd like to create a Christian Democratic Party for the US.

Basic tenets would include:

1) Restrictions on abortion
2) A moderately green environmental policy (particularly with regard to restrictions on emissions, more careful policing of CAFOs, etc.)
3) A moderately "hawkish" foreign policy: it would seek to "Stay the Course" in Iraq, but attempt to negotiate with Iran, and perhaps modify our policy toward Israel.
4) In favor of retaining or extending anti-poverty programs.
5) In favor of creating some form of national health-care system.
6) Opposition to tax cuts for corporations and wealthy individuals.
7) Opposition to gay marriage.
There would probably be a few more...

I'd also like to see a New American Party, a more viable Libertarian party, a "Meadow Party" (moderate Libertarianism, combined with fairly stiff environmental legislation) and the split-up of the Democrats into Democratic Labor and Progressive-Green caucuses.

[I'm a Democrat, myself, but the polarization between two parties (of whom one never has a well-defined platform, and neither have any new ideas) is getting absurd. A multi-party system would (hopefully) force parties both to define what they actually stand for AND to work together.]
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…the assumption that free men and women are genuinely self-governing, personally responsible citizens, able to run their daily affairs without the intrusive therapies of the bureaucratic, social service state. Consequently, [we] will seek to reinvigorate and revive the authority of the traditional institutions of civil society - families, schools, churches, neighborhoods, and entrepreneurial enterprises - that cultivate and provide room for the exercise of citizenship, individual responsibility, and strong moral character.

One of my coworkers is a libertarian. Not one of the fairly sane ones either: the kind who thinks, for example, that the privatization of the courts and the military would be a good idea. Basically an anarchist by any other name. He came to my mind as I was reading the above passage, which I came across while searching through the Foundation Directory the other day. Read more... )
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We spent yesterday holding signs for Murphy in the 5th district. So while we didn't do THAT much to put him in Congress (I think two people may have asked us about him all day--everyone was sick of the campaign, and we spent much of our time chatting with sign-holders for Lieberman and Lamont), we can say that we were there.


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