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Gah, right, I never did that post about the rest of my trip to Maine because...well, if I'm honest, mostly because I've been spending too much time playing a bellringing practice game in my iPhone.* Have the condensed version of most of three weekends.

The rest of a weekend in Maine )

LAST weekend: Well, there were no horseshoe crabs (too early in the season), and I didn't get in as much ringing as I'd've liked (or talk Peter into seeing the mosaics), but I got to call the bells into Jennys and Peter and I made sand Pokémon and flew a kite, so it was a pretty ok day. And Sunday my copy of Ursula Vernon's latest unexpectedly showed up in the mail, so that was a pretty ok day overall too.

And I think I'm gonna stop now, because I stayed up til midnight on Friday devouring The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and I didn't really get to catch up last night, and I've had probably more ice cream than you should eat in one sitting, and so I think it's time to keel over again.

* I guess I also owe you a post on "Bellringing and how it is awesome but also horribly addictive".
** In which I was glad to discover neither of their cats had barfed, since apparently they'd been doing that...
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Open letter to Squigamunk:
I thought of you yesterday, as Ricky and I took turns trying to lie under the tenor bell at Old North, like mechanics under a really low-slung car. We were once again trying to replace a staple bolt, which is the thing that holds the clapper to the bell;* this time, in stark contrast to last time, Ricky got the nylock nuts came off the old one in no time flat while I was trying to get into the tower (past most of a cruise ship's worth of tourists), but getting the whole assemblage back in took multiple tries and balancing it on bricks. I guess last time I just had sheer dumb luck with that...
But anyway, I thought of you, because I'm sure you've been under cars on a good many occasions. And I imagine you would have been fascinated by the process. And yes, we could also have used an extra person to hand us wrenches...


PS: I have eaten waaaayyy too many Lindt balls in the past two weeks. I blame you for everything. OK, that's actually not true, but I wish I could.

(Actual practice yesterday featured me ringing "inside" on a method - Basto - for the first time. That made no sense to anyone but me? OK, I accomplished a thing!)

Meantime, the Dean of York has apparently locked the Minster's ringers out of the tower. WTF.

Anyway. I'm once again going to blow off actual housework in favor of jogging and spending more time in church (Evensong, possibly with Nineweaving, in this case.) This is how I roll, I guess.

* Strictly, the staple bolt holds the hinge-like jobbie to which the clapper is attached (via the clapper bolt, which is a different thing again) to the headstock... but close enough.
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Just finished a letter to my Mom with the phrase This past week has been mostly terrible, is what I'm saying.

That it has not been ENTIRELY terrible is due almost solely to the generosity of various awesome friends: chief among them Squigamunk and [personal profile] sovay. The former wins the Best Former Student Ever award after taking me and Peter out to brunch, and then off to the nearest ball field, noting that my tires were a bit flat and then offering me the use of an air pump, and then tustling with said 7-y-o around and over and under her much-prized inflatable Velociraptor.
Sovay allowed me to gate-crash her family taking her out to a post-reading supper, when I hadn't eaten in many hours and was desperately in need of companionship, calories, and sympathy all at once. A shorter time commitment, but I needed it far more, and it felt like even more of an imposition.

Now I am going to go wash the sand out of my hair, and fall into bed. Today was much less of a pure river of the water of bobcat than my last couple of days at work, but even so: I'm too exhausted for job searching, or even a proper update, and I need to go wash road sand out of my hair.
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Squigamunk came over this morning, and we packed all the things.
Well, not ALL the things. She came over to help with the books, and we ended up getting most of my library, excl. cookbooks, children's books, and stuff I'm trying to read. In about an hour. So then things kinda spiraled from there, and so now the space formerly occupied by my bookshelf in here is now boxes stacked waist high, there's a box marked "Fragile--Paintings!" on the bottom shelf of the OTHER bookcase, and the trunk of my car has most of my personal china and cooking equipment. (We moved it down because there's no safe way for one person to carry the damn' thing, 'cause we packed it in one of the mid-to-large-sized LL Bean boxes that she'd brought along. And we packed it because I figure I can just use Mitbewohner's stuff for the next couple of weeks.*
Squigamunk rocks. Especially since she was running on less than an hour of sleep.

(I *will* still need help boxing up the last things and hauling everything down the stairs to whatever vehicle I'm using, though.)

Meantime, job applications. Tomorrow: the Gardner; tonight I finished up an application to paralegal for an environmental lawyer, which would ALSO be pretty cool.
Umm, anybody want to proofread it?
I'm always afraid I've included some obvious typo. )</small


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