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1. I've realized what the worst thing for productivity is, where job applications are concerned.

It's not trying to map the lost wetlands and burhs and shires of Anglo-Saxon England. It's not listening to Ursula talk about masturbating cats and her IUD. It's not snacks or books or chores or a caffeine habit.

It's when someone is supposed to be contacting you about a job interview for something that might actually pay the bills, but hasn't bloody done so yet.

Arrrggh. (tears metaphorical hair.)

2. Yes, the city did-- eventually--come remove the half a tree that was leaning against my window. No, nothing else seems to have broken in the process, so the only apparent casualty is one of my screens, which my landlady has promised to replace.

3. Yes, I did get my car into the mechanic this morning. The check engine light had--inevitably--turned itself off the moment I made the appointment, but they did put a patch on my muffler and replaced all the [untranslatable mechanic-speak], which they assured me would make a big difference.
And replaced a busted tail light that I'd failed to notice, which would have been the thing that would ACTUALLY have got me into trouble.

The rust was apparently nothing that was going to make my car fail inspection, but just to be on the safe side, I had them do one a month early. So now it's all inspection-stickered and stuff.
I must say, though, it's a bit disconcerting when you can remove bits of your car with your fingernails...

4. Jheesh, what is with me and the MBTA this week? The subway was massively and inexplicably delayed each of the last two days, and today it's apparently the commuter rail's turn.

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Quick announcements/Peter update/Explanation of my availability/unavailability over the next couple of months:

Friday-Sunday, Nov. 20-22: Peter visits. (Sovay or anyone, wanna go to the Aquarium? I mean, it'll my second visit in a month, but that's not a biggie...)

26 November: Thanksgiving! I get up at a normal hour, drive up to Maine, do dinner with Dan+Emily, and then probably stay in town til Friday night to hang out with them some more...

(28 November: I may still be in Maine, or I may have what passes for a normal Saturday in my life.)
(29 November: Presumably enormous hooplah at Church of the Advent.)

18 December: My office *mostly* shuts down for the year. Hence:
18-20 December: most likely dates for me to have Peter visit here...

21 December-?31 December: I will be out of the country visiting my Mom for Xmas.

The question mark over 31 December is because:
New Year's Eve: Hopefully NOT stuck in Newark Airport, although because I failed to read the fine print on Orbitz as I was booking flights, that's where they think I'll be...
(I'm gonna consult with Mom, and then United, to see if it makes sense to change flights, or just see if Amtrak is running.).
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- Being on endless bus rides is, I think, a distinctive American experience. I feel like I'm in On the Road.
That does not mean it's pleasant.

- I am never doing this again. I may consider taking a bus partway to Kazoo in the future...but I'm gonna make DAMN sure I get a ride at least from Buffalo. The bit between there and Kazoo takes an irritatingly long amount of time. Especially since you are dependent on the ONE bus that seems to go between Detroit and Kalamazoo per day.

- Cities: Buffalo seems somehow cheerful and pleasantly thriving. I always forget how large the second-tier cities of upstate NY and the Midwest are.
Detroit, by contrast, is deeply surreal. It looks vaguely like a film set of itself, set in a world where someone set off a neutron bomb in the place: all these buildings, but scarcely any people OR cars.

- Always take a taxi to the station for these occasions. The parking is NOT free, so you'll about make your cab fare back in what you'd've paid for parking. Also, if you don't fate will ensure that if you take Greyhound out you'll come back by train or Concord Coach, and their respective terminals are nearly a mile apart...

- Spending 30 hours on buses will make you hone fatalism to a fine art.
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(Wednesday, 12 April)

* Forgetting that it's April, and therefore bringing the wrong (out of date) Studi-ticket up to the Uni, so that when I get kontrolliert, I get fined. (Fortunately, they have a policy that if you show up at the office with a valid one, it's only 5E, instead of 40, but still. dumb.)

* The fact that the bus customer service office is closed on Wednesday afternoons.

* Having your webbrowser spaz when you try to open a composition window in webmail, so that it opens 40 composition windows.

* The fact that completely random people, whom I don't (believe I) know, have me listed as a friend on their LJ's. Possibly the LJ servers hiccuped, but...

* Having the Cisalpina be delayed for an hour, causing Grace to panic that we're going to miss our flight out of Frankfurt to Istanbul. Bloody Italian trains.

* Taking flights that are scheduled to arrive at 2 AM...and then get delayed!


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