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Various work-related $#!7:

Fustest: So my boss, after I'd told him I was leaving at some point in the near future, asked me to write out a letter of resignation, because the higher-ups had been asking for one; and so I did, but didn't specify an end date.
Allegedly, since that was the case, they are simply going to PICK my end date, based on when we get my replacement adequately trained. So I could be out of a job as early as next Friday.

The fact that I find it plausible either that my supervisor is screwing me over OR that the upper management of MRE are being a bunch of callous, shooting-themselves-in-the-foot cheese-parers is one more reason why I need to get out of this job.

As D. at bellringing last night put it: "I mean, it's good that you're finally getting out of there! But money is good too."
(Everyone at practice expressed congratulations that I was finally leaving this job. I guess I may have been bitching about it a bit. I guess they thought the bitching was deserved.)

But yeah. Unemployed in the near future. And...

2. I thought I was being hired by the Census. They're not replying to my emails, though.

3. On the other hand, it's a three-day weekend. Or, well, 3+ days, since [University]'s closing at 2 tomorrow.* And nothing planned on Saturday, 'cause practice got cancelled due to practically every ringer in the area road-tripping to Quebec. Anybody want to do a thing?

(Friday afternoon is going to be catch up on chores and make a strawberry-rhubarb crumble, unless somebody talks me into doing something more exciting. Sunday, of course, is choir followed by more choir followed by ringing followed by more ringing followed by Fall Over. Followed by contradancing. Monday, who knows?

More Later.

PS: Everyone remind me that I need to check twiddle pins!

* 3a. Supervisor, in one of his many questionable moves, is actually giving several people the ENTIRE day off; I volunteered to be the one to come in so as to have some leverage for taking half a day off NEXT week, to meet a friend of [personal profile] sovay's at his (ridiculously well-funded research-based) place of employment, in the hopes that having some of the people there actually know my face will increase my odds of getting hired there at some point...
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2:48pm, EDT: Whelp, I'm bailing out of the RS Livejournal. Nice of DW to set up an automatic import page; though this means that
a) this is taking forever (because I have, yikes, 12 years worth of entries). Even on a university computer.
I guess probably half of LJ is doing the same thing.
b) I am going to have to go back at some point and get rid of a bunch of duplicate entries, and
c) I may also need to flag certain old things "private" again.
Ogod, please tell me the things ALREADY down as private stay that way when they import. eep.

2:52: Goddammit, PLEASE do this quickly: I only have twenty more minutes of lunch. And that's WITH the second signout...

I should perhaps clarify. This morning, upon arrival, I found out that the President of Mailrooms Etc. was going to be descending upon us later in the day. Naturally, I thought, this WOULD happen on the day when I'd decided no one would care if I wore my least presentable pair of work trousers.

Then, after we'd got back from the delivery route, my boss (who'd arrived in the interim) told us that [Pres.] would be arriving around 4. We all breathed a small sigh of relief.
The boss then disappeared in quest of lunch.
I finished up all of MY stuff and then, as [coworker] was "back" from lunch (she has a bad habit of not actually leaving the office...), clocked out.
[Pres.] promptly walked in the door.

I decided I'd better stick around for a few minutes while my boss was getting himself back to the office, just to help ward off any disasters that would otherwise happen while he was watching...
So that was why I clocked out twice.*

3:05: explain to my grandparents' old swedish exchange student what "Quarter Peal" means

3:10: Monkeys, if this thing doesn't finish in about the next two minute, I'm gonna have to abort. $#17.

3:14: $#17. OK, try again later.

4:00 (while sitting around the Copy Center, because Reasons): Hm. I seem to recall something about "irrevocable process", and the Import Journal page still says "waiting in queue" or something to that effect. So *hopefully* it's still chugging away. Anybody know more than I do about how this works?

ETA - 9pm EDT (why am I still at University??): OK, we have liftoff import! Still waiting on ten years' worth of comments, though. Hopefully they come through ok.

* Apparently I did one of these as clocking OUT, rather than clocking out to lunch. My boss fixed it, hopefully in some way that didn't show me out to lunch for an hour and a half!
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This week at work, our copy center guy is taking a few days off as paternity leave...
Which means that my favorite coworker, who usually does the deliveries with me, is in the copy center...
Which means that I take over most of HER responsibilities, while still having most of mine...

And of course, this Would be the week when some random bureaucrat decides to play mind games with us, and then raises a giant stink when we (welnigh inevitably) deliver his package to the wrong building. Sigh.

It's that kind of week.

Oh well, bell practice tonight, then have a beer withe the associate rector; and quarter peal on Sunday!
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Ironically, I am able to say:

I was too tired from work to go to handbell practice, so I opted for the three-mile run instead.

(What I mostly was was mentally tired, so it's true, even if it sounds weird.)

BTW, thanks for the good wishes, and I seem to be over the lurgi. Except maybe for being really really tired. And that may just be the result of a day that started with spilling coffee into the mail sorting machine, and got worse from there, at least until I got to go home. At which point I tired myself out some more by running three miles.

Screw it (and especially, screw job applications.) I'm going to bed.
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Today started with me slamming one of my fingers in the door while leaving my house.

It actually got worse from there.

(No, before someone panics, no further physical injuries, but work went insane again today. And trying to work with a throbbing finger hasn't helped.)
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Knee is actually better - enough - that I went to running club without doing it damage. Yay, recovery!
(Weather was way too muggy, but Oh Well. Didn't get enough rain, though.)

Meantime, I wish that the day they decided to distribute a thousand copies of [University]'s "State of the Arts" magazine--a publication that I suspect no one actually wants to read--had not coincided with a day on which we received 2500 pieces of REGULAR mail. Just getting it all READY for tomorrow was tricky; distributing it all tomorrow is going to be, quite literally, a pain.
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Well, shoot.

I was toying with the idea of taking off some time at the end of the month and actually going on retreat: spending a few days at the (certainly crazy, possibly even corrupt, but very nice in person) monastic community down on the Cape. Checking out their website, it appears that this is, indeed, something that one can do...although they'd probably want me to give them a bunch of money. (Though not oodles more than I'd pay for a B&B.)

No, the problem is that I've apparently burned through most of my vacation time, and am now tentatively committed to completely torch what's left looking after Peter in November...while G. is (ironically) on retreat.*

Fuck this job.**

Weather: Way too fucking hot.

* Well, or a clergy conference. Something vaguely along those lines.

** This sentiment is deepened by the fact that my cheap overlords in Georgia are being (typically) stupid about overtime; that I spent a pointless amount of time on the phone with a parent who had overnighted a refrigerator, and who then had the gall to complain to my boss about the quality of all of our phone skills; and most of all, by the fact that the day started with UPS dumping a load of packages on our doorstep several hours that they could come back later with more. That sort of thing tends to blight one's enthusiasm.
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Various, in no particular order:
-It's hell week at work. One of those weeks where you get 1000+ packages in a day, and the lines of students waiting to pick them up wrap around the staircase, and everyone's working overtime...every day.
Next week will probably also be hell week.

- Another symptom of this is that the longer-term employees are temporarily ignoring the finer details of the dress code. In my case, this is partly because I realized that the job has killed my shoes, and the state of my shoes is probably the real culprit in killing my knee.*
We will see whether a week of not wearing them helps. Meantime, I should find new shoes. And perhaps also a good shoe repair place.

- My Mom is coming in for a state visit on Saturday. This would be cool, except for the fact that it means I have to actually clean my room. And figure out what we're doing. Mom wants to go to my "favorite breakfast place". This vision does not, unfortunately, square with the facts. I do not go out for breakfast when at home: I am poor, I make very good pancakes, and going out for breakfast takes time that I could spend on job applications, computer games, bellringing, or sleep. Also, while my neighborhood has some excellent breakfast places, this is a fact known to everyone else in Camforville, and so spending an hour standing in line outside Sound Bites or Ball Square Cafe is very much the done thing; but I don't think that's quite what Mom had in mind...

- Distracting myself from all this by planning my birthday party.

* For the short-term problem. I may still want to see a physical therapist, because while the shoes may be the source of the IMMEDIATE, can't-run-and-also-pain flair-up, this is also a long-term issue.
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15. March:
Gah, OK, so apparently having had to jump through several hoops to get health care through my current employer...they're now dropping us from their health plan at the end of this month. We have two weeks to jump through ANOTHER set of hoops to get BACK on MassHealth. F---.

(And this is why my lenten discipline took a break today.)

...Yeah. I *really* would like to get that research job. Soon. Then I could stop *worrying* about health care.
(They haven't gotten back since last week. No news is not good news in this case. So this was already a bad week, and then today we found THIS out.)

Addendum )

ETA, 3/16: The one result of a mostly useless conference call with Corporate on the subject was to learn that they're now waiting until the end of NEXT month to drop us from the health plan. So we have some breathing room.
Still no news.
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We had three new people at work today. This meant that a certain amount of this morning was spent teaching them the basics, and that even more than usual of the rest of the day was spent sitting around. Ah well. They are at least vaguely competent, which I gather was a problem for the LAST new coworker.

(I was off that day, getting a physical, having a wart frozen off my finger, and meeting my kid who, after much backing and forthing, was in town for a long weekend.)

By the way, hi, everyone! I've been really bad at posting lately. (Almost as bad as I have been at paying not-immediately-essential bills.) But I now have Income, so I'm working on the latter; and I'm going to try to post SOMETHING every other day or so, to get back in the habit...
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Just finished a letter to my Mom with the phrase This past week has been mostly terrible, is what I'm saying.

That it has not been ENTIRELY terrible is due almost solely to the generosity of various awesome friends: chief among them Squigamunk and [personal profile] sovay. The former wins the Best Former Student Ever award after taking me and Peter out to brunch, and then off to the nearest ball field, noting that my tires were a bit flat and then offering me the use of an air pump, and then tustling with said 7-y-o around and over and under her much-prized inflatable Velociraptor.
Sovay allowed me to gate-crash her family taking her out to a post-reading supper, when I hadn't eaten in many hours and was desperately in need of companionship, calories, and sympathy all at once. A shorter time commitment, but I needed it far more, and it felt like even more of an imposition.

Now I am going to go wash the sand out of my hair, and fall into bed. Today was much less of a pure river of the water of bobcat than my last couple of days at work, but even so: I'm too exhausted for job searching, or even a proper update, and I need to go wash road sand out of my hair.
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In the mail today: three things with a Post Office logo on them!
The first was a small PO mailing envelope (which I mentally categorized as machinable, first-class, probably wouldn't quite fit in Universal, unlikely to be a problem) from 'sirus, which proved to contain a late Hanukkah present: one of the large stock of board games he was getting rid of! (Or, in my case, the sequel to my beloved Give Me The Brain.)

The other two actually WERE from the USPS. #1 was my W-2 tax form, of which I'd also received one from MECA; the other was an actual check. For less than I'd been expecting,* but still, hey, money.

This evening also featured making money: in this case, by inventorying a Nordstrom. Coulda been worse.

And this weekend is going to feature some combination of the following: possible acquisition of new ski boots; possible lunch at Silly's with Squigamunk and partner; cosplay dancing; running with the local running/drinking/exhibitionist club. So things are moderately looking up. Now all I need is for one of the job/housing possibilities in Boston to come through...!

* I think this is *probably* me miscalculating, rather than them trying to screw me over.
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1. I'm able to post this at this semi-sane hour because they for once sent us all home after eight hours sortin yer pakujes, instead of the usual 11.5-12. Maybe Christmas actually means something?
Nah, they just didn't have that much mail to do. Still, yay actual sleep.

2. My grandfather died last night, not unexpectedly. God keep his soul.
My uncle *did* make it there before Grandpa departed, though since the latter was apparently under a lot of morphine at the time (ouuucchhh...) he presumably didn't know who was holding his hand when.
Mom was less broken up than I'd expected; I gather because one of the things that had been preying on her was the uncertainty of the whole business; and now at last she knows. (That said, she did thoroughly vent/talk my brother's ear off when she called this morning; I guess I should have accepted his offer of being the one to actually pick up the phone.(See #3 and #4 below for explanations.)
The funeral is going to be held in North Andover, date t.b.d. but probably the second week in January. My brother and I may also see about going down for a visit with Grandma (and my Mom) beforehand. There is a possibility, however, that after that Grandpa will end up being buried in Arlington National Cemetery; if so, I may at least look into the feasibility of going down to represent the family.

3. OK, a couple of my brother's friends were just killed in a car crash? Fuckin' hell. December 2014, that's beyond fail-ly, that's ... just plain LOW.

4. I heard about all this because I actually did SOMETHING to celebrate Christmas, in the form of going over to my brother's for a Christmas brunch for the two of us before I went to work. (Incidentally, don't tell him I said this, but I think my adaptation of Bettina's recipe for biscuits produces a superior result to whatever he was using. ([personal profile] tree_and_leaf, feel free to disown me now.) But yeah, tasty, and we talked about whiskey and computer games, and made each other laugh, which we both really did need.

[I also gave him his Christmas present, in the form of tea, some of which we sampled over the second round of scones. He gave me my gift from Mom, in the form of Benjamins,* and also loaded me down with some extra Christmas desserts, which were also very welcome as I haven't managed to do any baking these past weeks. Well, except for baking a Stollen for the PO Xmas party, and I think I finished that at work today.]

5. Anyway, I should sleep, assuming the instant coffee will let me. Yeesh, yeah, it's like 2260 hours. And work out logistics for Christmas shopping, Peter pickup, etc.

* Inevitably leading to a conversation about whether a proper gangsta would carry his around in a wallet; the likelihood of Macklemore doing a rap about opening a bank account; irony; and what the heck the children of hipsters are going to be able to do to rebel. Oh, and R. Kelly.
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"Uhhh..." I said to my counselor on Friday. "What the Sam Hill were we talking about last week?"
"It's been sort of a crazy week. Last...what was it, Thursday?" "Friday." "Right, seems life a really long time ago. I think I told you I was going to have Peter visiting this past weekend?"
"Yeah, how did that go?"
"Uh, pretty well, I mean as Peter visits go."

Which is to say )
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aaArrgghl &^$%!^ #%((, WHY do I always have enormous translation projects drop in my lap ON WEEKS WHEN I'M ALREADY TOO BUSY?!?
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Just a quick note to say that I have finally found a second job! Cataloging and putting covers on books out in Westbrook, so not the most exciting thing ever, but also by no means the worst.

Now I can concentrate a LITTLE more on figuring out what I actually want to be doing with my life. (Or at least I will be able to, after I grade four dozen essays. gah.)
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I dreamt last night that I had accidentally applied for two oDesk jobs on behalf of Judah Kapelowicz,* and was now worried that I was going to have to do the second one myself. I was not clear at the time whether he was dead or not.
Up late last night attempting to get my FSOT essays done. Wound up drinking FAR too much caffeine** and looking at Foul Bachelor Frog*** at 1:30 AM. Gave up and decided to do the other three of them today.

Then at 3 I'm off to pick up Peter for the weekend, so I'd REALLY better be done by then!

* I'm writing a module on tenement life for this comp. textbook, and...
** OK, probably not quite Kevin C. levels, but still. And a bad combo with the meds. that I'm on.
*** WARNING: Do not read this unless you like disgusting humor AND have an hour to waste.


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