Feb. 11th, 2017

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From an email to a friend:

Protesting and sledding both went pretty well, but both were very cold! I left the protest early, before I *actually* got frostbite; and called a similarly early halt to sledding because my jeans were now filled with ice and my jacket's zipper is broken and I don't handle being cold as well as I used to.

The protest, b.t.w., was a #NoDAPL protest organized by a Hunkpapa Sieux, outside a TD Bank, since they're one of the major funders of TransCanada. Ironically, they are also MY bank. I need to look into transferring all my cash to my credit union account. groan.*

I read part of the Canticle of Brother Sun at the protest, which got me some looks: I'm not sure whether people were impressed and appreciative, or weirded out. [personal profile] teenybuffalo showed up late: I told her she could take over from me on the sign-holding, though we coincided for a quarter hour or so. Peter had been at the Science Museum with a friend and their respective moms: I gather he had fun, though he really really wanted to go sledding. I'd forgotten that Prospect Hill was so steep, though, and hadn't known about the drop-off at the end: so we may actually try Arlington, if we get more sledding in this winter.
Peter spent a lot of time setting up Calvin&Hobbes/slapstick-style improbable sled crash tableaux. I have *got* to look into steering this kid toward theater.

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