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Really really full now.
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Me to person on the T:
“Lovely dress! But I have to ask -and please forgive my ignorance - Easter dress, reenactor, or Anime Boston?”
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So: happy fact of the day!

My backpack showed up!

Apparently, somebody from the congregation walked off with it by accident. I’d initially hoped that that was the case, but gave up hope when no one handed it in the next week. But doch: they apparently took it home and then didn’t notice for a while that they had a thing that wasn’t actually theirs.

Anyway, I now have it back!
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Mostly amusing only if you know something about the history of Anglo-Catholicism )

Also, this.

Also, there were wild turkeys walking the Freedom Trail as we walked back down Salem Street yesterday. I'd seen three toms showing off to passers-by from the windows of my bus earlier, which was a little more explicable, but in the North End??
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Unseasonably early first thunderstorm of the year just knocked out power, so I’m managing with a spare candle from the Advent propped up in an empty Dried Frog Pill bottle, and then I realized that this summed up my life.
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Why has there not been a Scandinavia and the World take on Einstein's Riddle?
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Tail end of a two-hour delay at Logan...
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It's gonna snow tomorrow. This is going to make Peter's flight...interesting, and picking him up...interesting; but at least there can be sledding!
(And then I guess snow-something building, given how warm it's going to get Sunday.)
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As always at this time of year, there's a part of me that thinks I should be listening to marching bands and watching people in psychedelic costumes while drinking.
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Man, the Central European University got kicked out of Budapest, and I missed it? I guess I was too preoccupied with our own illiberal democracy trash fire.
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Well, this is weird and a problem.

I lost my backpack.

I thought I'd taken it to church, but it was not in the coat closet where I thought I'd left it. So either I left it on the T (which would be an achievement in carelessness even for me) or someone walked off with it (Why???).

And of course it has my work ID in it. So I'm hopin' somebody's gonna contact work (or me directly) to let them know they have it, but failing that, I'm going to need a new ID.

(Yes, I have also considered the scenario where somebody steals my ID in order to break into our deserted office over Presidents' Day weekend, but again, Why???)

ETA: Nope, the MBTA (or at least the Red Line) doesn't have a recently-handed-in blue backpack.
Moreover, on further thought there IS one potentially valuable thing in there, namely an old USB drive. So I guess I have to hope that A) the backpack was pinched by a bum who won't bother to try and make use of the drive, B) It doesn't have a copy of my password list on it, C) they can't get it to work, or D) they can't figure out the codes in the password file...
(Before you ask, my credit card number and SSN won't be on there.)

PPS: Remind me to put a tracker chip on my next backpack. (Kudos to fellow parishioner who studies wearable technology for reminding me of this possibility...)
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Audience: The sitting Vice President of the United States shoots a dude?!?

Pitch: Cheney did it!

Audience [splutters] But... duel?!? And...Hamilton? [ getting more of a grip, briefly ] His former friend/fellow revolutionary war veteran?

Pitch (Ignoring the last question): Look, lots of people fought in duels. Lots of Rev.War veterans were super uptight about their honor. That actually IS how Hamilton died, after all. And we're gonna imagine, like I said, that he despised Burr's lack of rigid adherence to theory, or in fact any adherence at all. And we're gonna spend the first part of this season, like, developing all the ways how these guys each had beef with each other.
... That is, in between looking at how hella weird Washington is at this point. I mean, it's basically a permanent construction site in a swamp, surrounded by hastily-thrown-up boarding houses that are empty half the year, with a couple of pre-existing towns on the outskirts being all wtff. The government was pretty much the same way.

Audience: I'm still not getting over the bit where the sitting VP fuckin' drops a dude like they're gangsta rappers or something. And...Hamilton. He shoots Hamilton in the face.

Pitch: Actually, we're going to have him get shot in the gut.

Audience: [facepalm]
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Saturday: Decided I wasn't feelin' bellringing, so did Adult Stuff. Like go clothes shopping and jogging, and doing laundry and baking cookies. I still need to do my taxes and clean my room, but...

Sunday: We rang a quarter peal today, mostly on the spur of the moment and for the heck of it. It...didn't go great, at one or two points, but we made it back to rounds. Also, super congrats to Kat!
Unfortunately, it left me way too mentally exhausted to do anything more complicated with the rest of my day than go grocery shopping. Plans to bake a Zwiebelkuchen for work will have to be postponed again.
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OK, there's about ten things I should be doing right now, from baking someone a get-well pie to taxes to figuring out housing for the NAGCR AGM. But I got to reading the list of the U.S. presidents as snack foods, which funny and swawesome and you should read it. However, it is much too kind to Millard Fillmore who, in addition to being regularly ranked as America's worst president (present company excepted), had a second career as a professional xenophobe which everyone forgets about...

This, in turn, got me thinking about my tenth-grade history textbook, The American Pageant (edition of, yikes, like 1994.) Generally very good! But had some weird habits, notably consigning certain events to what I'm not sure is damnatio memoriae or whitewashing. Like the picture of crazed Know-Nothings "campaigning for their xenophobic, anti-Catholic candidate"...without noting that that candidate was ex-president Millard Fillmore.
Or the fact that it referred to "the assassin's bullet that killed Hamilton" without noting the famous name of that assassin.
It's like that chunk of the textbook fell out of some alternate universe where somebody else shot Hamilton.*Read more... )
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So apparently the forecast Rainy Grossness has been postponed by a week. huh.
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Meantime, my acid reflux is back. (Or still around, if you will.) And I've made an interesting (though not surprising) discovery, which is that apparently the state of my digestive system has as much to do with the state of my mind as what I put in it.

At the moment, my stomach is once again attempting to digest my esophagus. And this is the result of many things, including that I keep failing to kick the coffee habit. But...

By all rights, I should have had the second-worst acid reflux of my career whilst at Arisia. As tends to happen, I mostly lived on snacks and coffee, with occasional expeditions out for burritos (or breakfast with yet more coffee). Instead, by the end of the con., my acid reflux was gone.

It came back once I wasn't seeing friends every day, in between dancing and sword fighting and Feeling Useful.
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Wait, he just decided to reopen the federal government for three weeks, apparently on a whim?
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Back from Arisia. Actually, I've been back for like 24 hours now, but most of the intervening time has been asleep or at work. (Or digging my car out of a couple of inches of ice and snow.)

Uh... It was the con. of the malfunctioning elevators. I'm still in post-con hangover mode. I should sleep.
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Planar Fasciitis, now was...not a good time for a visit.
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And as usual everything I want to do at Arisia is happening at the same time. (In this case, Scottish Country Dancing ft. [personal profile] sorcyress and "What we DIDN'T steal from Tolkien" with [personal profile] sovay.)


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