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Somewhere around 1 last night, a branch fell off the tree in our yard. Fortunately, there were (unusually) no cars in the street under it when it fell, and fortunately Somerville public works were able to clear it away with commendable promptitude, but unfortunately this meant that there was an industrial-sized woodchipper going right under my window at three AM, in a night when I had already gotten to bed rather late (though that's another story). So I am a bit out of it today. But anyway:

Various updates, most of them overdue

1. I - and Peter - were at the March for Science last weekend, although Peter got bored and cold and so we left early. Sovay has a better writeup, anyway.
Aaaannnd I'll also be at the Boston branch of the People's Climate Mobilization THIS Saturday. As various people have said on the internet already (and although it's far from the BIGGEST reason to want Trump gone), I wish we didn't have Trump, JUST so I could have my weekends back.

2. I have officially announced that I am quitting my job. )

3. Also in the department of some-of-you-know-it-already-but-I'm-now-making firm-plans: I'm off to England in August! With Peter, to visit my Mom, wherever she is by that point.† I'm currently thinking about ten days,†† likely flying out of Boston (with Peter) on the 14th and coming back the 25th, but that's changeable depending on whether ticket prices are lower on adjacent days. Any road, I'm going to take a couple days off in the middle of my trip to go visit [personal profile] tree_and_leaf, and definitely also (either at Tree's local cathedral or in Sheffield) get some ringing in. So yay!
†Notes )

4. In continuation of 1. and 3.: the weekend AFTER this coming one, choir's off, and so am I. Specifically, to Maine: my brother has a play (and we might get in a slightly damp hike, as well); some old friends from South Portland are having what they're calling a housewarmversary party; and I wanted to visit Squig. anyway. So more yay! (This time, with less complicated logistics!)

Huh. Five things make a post. And that's not even counting tree limbs.

5. (The - kinda - momentous one.)
I have just (I think) paid off my student loans.
OK, that maybe warrants some explanation )

Ugh. I regret nothing about this post, but it's now 9:20 and I haven't even LOOKED at job possibilities. fm.
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1. I'm able to post this at this semi-sane hour because they for once sent us all home after eight hours sortin yer pakujes, instead of the usual 11.5-12. Maybe Christmas actually means something?
Nah, they just didn't have that much mail to do. Still, yay actual sleep.

2. My grandfather died last night, not unexpectedly. God keep his soul.
My uncle *did* make it there before Grandpa departed, though since the latter was apparently under a lot of morphine at the time (ouuucchhh...) he presumably didn't know who was holding his hand when.
Mom was less broken up than I'd expected; I gather because one of the things that had been preying on her was the uncertainty of the whole business; and now at last she knows. (That said, she did thoroughly vent/talk my brother's ear off when she called this morning; I guess I should have accepted his offer of being the one to actually pick up the phone.(See #3 and #4 below for explanations.)
The funeral is going to be held in North Andover, date t.b.d. but probably the second week in January. My brother and I may also see about going down for a visit with Grandma (and my Mom) beforehand. There is a possibility, however, that after that Grandpa will end up being buried in Arlington National Cemetery; if so, I may at least look into the feasibility of going down to represent the family.

3. OK, a couple of my brother's friends were just killed in a car crash? Fuckin' hell. December 2014, that's beyond fail-ly, that's ... just plain LOW.

4. I heard about all this because I actually did SOMETHING to celebrate Christmas, in the form of going over to my brother's for a Christmas brunch for the two of us before I went to work. (Incidentally, don't tell him I said this, but I think my adaptation of Bettina's recipe for biscuits produces a superior result to whatever he was using. ([personal profile] tree_and_leaf, feel free to disown me now.) But yeah, tasty, and we talked about whiskey and computer games, and made each other laugh, which we both really did need.

[I also gave him his Christmas present, in the form of tea, some of which we sampled over the second round of scones. He gave me my gift from Mom, in the form of Benjamins,* and also loaded me down with some extra Christmas desserts, which were also very welcome as I haven't managed to do any baking these past weeks. Well, except for baking a Stollen for the PO Xmas party, and I think I finished that at work today.]

5. Anyway, I should sleep, assuming the instant coffee will let me. Yeesh, yeah, it's like 2260 hours. And work out logistics for Christmas shopping, Peter pickup, etc.

* Inevitably leading to a conversation about whether a proper gangsta would carry his around in a wallet; the likelihood of Macklemore doing a rap about opening a bank account; irony; and what the heck the children of hipsters are going to be able to do to rebel. Oh, and R. Kelly.
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O'Rourke's to reopen late this month.

I sense the potential for a road trip, once this kid's a little older. (And once the massive opening rush has died down SLIGHTLY)...

Hm, though. Dan's going to be here this weekend...we'd better double-check whether it's opened.
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Peter Richard Burson ist am Vigil Christi Lichtmeß anno mmviii um 6h42 geboren.

He weighed seven pounds three ounces, and was 21 inches long. He looks somewhat like my maternal grandfather (who is part of the source of the middle name), with Grace's nose, and has a ridiculously cone-shaped head. They tell me this is normal and will go away.

Subrealm: Slowly and painfully finding out the surprisingly obvious:

Labor is long, sweaty, and bloody.
Labor is a lot of work.

Newborns are small.
Newborns are weird-looking.
Newborn heads, on the way out, are even weirder-looking.

Kegel exercises are not, in fact, always your friend.

Anyway, we're now mad sleep-deprived, and Grace is recovering from stitches and some loss of blood, as well. Mad props to Gretchen, who has been here for the last, like, 24 hours, has done the laundry, and doesn't seem to have slept. A fuller account may follow. maybe.
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Just a quick note to let everyone know that I made it here alive. Getting through German immigration etc. is actually remarkably easy. Sharing airplane cabin space with unhappy toddlers is not.

Update, 10:30 local time: So yeah, I got very little sleep. But after three good meals (I'm not counting airplane breakfast at 6 AM, involving a ham and cheese roll and some Lorna Doone shortbread) and some apfelwein at my local brewery, I'm a lot happier. I've met 25 other Fulbrighters, and although in orientation session 1 the program director noted that they were avoiding spending extra money on luxurious accommodation in Frankfurt, we all have single rooms with their own bathrooms. So life is pretty good.
One thing still puzzles me, though. In New York, they charge you for your baggage cart--yet still can't provide carts with working wheels. In Frankfurt de, the carts are free, functional, and possess brakes. This does not make much sense. But perhaps this only because I'm still sleep-deprived.


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