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There's a contra dance in Cambridge tonight, and I'm just not feelin' it. Which is a pity, since (a) I think practically every bellringer under 30 is going, and (b) this is very possibly going to be my last opportunity til sometime in September.

ETA: Subsequently fell down an internet rabbit hole, and now I hate all the political parties of England AND France, and most shades of political opinion in the US, too.
Remind me never to go on Facebook again unless it's absolutely the only way to coordinate something important. (Though "looking up stuff on random bits of Anglo-Saxon history" was also a contributing factor, so maybe I need to just never go on the internet again.)
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So last Sunday was the day of See How Many Geeky Hobbies I Can Work Up A Sweat Doing. Ans.: Well, I'm sure I could have managed more, but two was enough: bellringing and contra-dancing.
(Note to myself in technobabble) ) It was a very churchy morning.

Contradance: very fun, wish I'd found it sooner! It was still pretending to be August in Connecticut, though, so I - everyone - did more than just work up a sweat: we were soaked.
(I bumped into people I knew from three other, unrelated bits of my life there. Guess I shouldn't be THAT surprised, but...)

And Monday was the day of great plans for productivity that I notably failed to accomplish, and that sort of set the tone for the week. I've been waking up intensely depressed, wondering Is this as good as it gets?, and concluding that I'm a failure and I'm gonna spend my whole life alone. Drink a bunch of coffee (and buy too many baked goods) to get myself feeling more than half-alive, then spend the whole day tense and nervous from the coffee. (Well, partly.) Get home too tired - and it's too hot - to clean, or go through my backlog of mail, let alone try to find a job...because even IF Mailrooms Etc. winds up hiring me permanently, this is a sucky, badly-paying job, and I want something where my title is an advantage rather than an embarrassment.

I look forward to bellringing because it's (sorta) social, and I'm too busy to worry about anything other than trying to catch the rope right.

Peter's here this weekend. It may not be a great one.
But at least the weather broke.


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