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Somewhere around 1 last night, a branch fell off the tree in our yard. Fortunately, there were (unusually) no cars in the street under it when it fell, and fortunately Somerville public works were able to clear it away with commendable promptitude, but unfortunately this meant that there was an industrial-sized woodchipper going right under my window at three AM, in a night when I had already gotten to bed rather late (though that's another story). So I am a bit out of it today. But anyway:

Various updates, most of them overdue

1. I - and Peter - were at the March for Science last weekend, although Peter got bored and cold and so we left early. Sovay has a better writeup, anyway.
Aaaannnd I'll also be at the Boston branch of the People's Climate Mobilization THIS Saturday. As various people have said on the internet already (and although it's far from the BIGGEST reason to want Trump gone), I wish we didn't have Trump, JUST so I could have my weekends back.

2. I have officially announced that I am quitting my job. )

3. Also in the department of some-of-you-know-it-already-but-I'm-now-making firm-plans: I'm off to England in August! With Peter, to visit my Mom, wherever she is by that point.† I'm currently thinking about ten days,†† likely flying out of Boston (with Peter) on the 14th and coming back the 25th, but that's changeable depending on whether ticket prices are lower on adjacent days. Any road, I'm going to take a couple days off in the middle of my trip to go visit [personal profile] tree_and_leaf, and definitely also (either at Tree's local cathedral or in Sheffield) get some ringing in. So yay!
†Notes )

4. In continuation of 1. and 3.: the weekend AFTER this coming one, choir's off, and so am I. Specifically, to Maine: my brother has a play (and we might get in a slightly damp hike, as well); some old friends from South Portland are having what they're calling a housewarmversary party; and I wanted to visit Squig. anyway. So more yay! (This time, with less complicated logistics!)

Huh. Five things make a post. And that's not even counting tree limbs.

5. (The - kinda - momentous one.)
I have just (I think) paid off my student loans.
OK, that maybe warrants some explanation )

Ugh. I regret nothing about this post, but it's now 9:20 and I haven't even LOOKED at job possibilities. fm.
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So I'm headed up to Portland tomorrow, to see my father and brother and their partners; also Peter, who's spending a couple of days with Dad.
Well, that's the plan, anyway.

From an email to my Dad )

So, yeah, that.

(Yes, I will still make it to the latke party! I'll just take the bus home and then...grab my car, I guess? Um. But the chances that my car will sulk and refuse to start - or break down somewhere around the Arlington reservoir - will not deter me!)

Knee status: still hurty
Weather: too warm. Even Portland's (probably getting the storm tomorrow as rain, rather than snow. :(
Then again, the "probably" is the devil here. Again, :(

Oh well. For now, bellringing! which of course is also the theme of the weekend...

Personal reference: )
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So. Babysitters. In Boston, on New Year's Eve.

Going to be prohibitively expensive, right?


I'd been trading emails with G. about arrangements for Peter's travels after Christmas. I'd been hoping to bring him along to [personal profile] sovay's family's annual Latke-fest, which this year falls on the 30th. Sovay's Mom likes to see him; so, of course, does his unGodmother; and it's one of the few events I go to that's really kid-friendly. The plan was therefore: have the day off on Friday; go up to Maine on Thursday night, where Peter has been spending a couple of days with his Grandfather; exchange presents and such with Dad, go down to Boston, have Latkes. G. picks him up sometime on NYE; I go literally ring in the New Year in a belltower.

Since the key "Day off on the 29th" hadn't been settled til yesterday, though--and since G. had forgotten about the latke plan, back when it was in its very theoretical stages--she'd already made OTHER plans.

So I have a lot of feels about all this. About which more later, since I need to go catch a train.

Addendum, as promised )
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Meantime, just to make life still MORE fun: on the way back from practice on Wednesday, I got a voicemail from my landlady. The driveway was being repaved the next day: I'd have to move my car.

Well, that's annoying, but not a MAJOR problem. Since we have a driveway, I've never gotten a parking permit for my car, but we have a 2-day visitor pass. I moved it (in the rain), and stuck the parking pass in the window.

Yesterday, I got ANOTHER voicemail. The driveway's done, but it can't be parked on until the asphalt hardens. Which will take a week.
1) WTF?
2) That's...a lot longer than two days.*

%$^&*(. I guess the best solution--and it's not a GOOD solution, but I think it'll work--is just to hope that the parking inspectors don't notice over the weekend. Then next week, I'll drive to work every day. (Groan.)** That'll mean I leave at 7:30 AM, and get back around 6:30 PM: Presumably parking inspectors don't work at night.

Hell with it. I should go to bed. Have some amusing British tweets to cheer you up.

* But not NEARLY as long as it takes to get a Resident parking pass!
I've ordered one, but that's a two-week process, IF they even accept my iPhone photo of my RCN bill as proof of residency.

** Oh ^%$(*&, Wednesday. Choir practice.
It says something about Boston that there is no WAY that I can get there in time by car, although it's relatively simple by public transit.
Welp, I'll see if I can leave it somewhere at Brandeis overnight. Or maybe in Waltham? Failing that, pay for overnight parking at the Brandeis railroad station.

Meantime, my roommates are watching Star Trek: Enterprise. Why does Data want to have sex with the Borg chick. That doesn't seem remotely psychologically plausible.
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[ profile] sovay emailed me late last Monday night, to ask whether she could crash on my floor on Wednesday or Thursday. This was, as she acknowledged, rather shoort notice; but we had nothing else going on. Well, aside from the fact that I was getting a new desk. Which would go in the room with our fold out couch. And that someone else was taking my old desk. All of this would have made life a little more complicated in any case, but then there was the extra flibble that the desk-seller was moving out 24 hours before the desk taker was going to come by. Hence, for a portion of that period, we would have to cram two desks, a coffee table, a folded-out sofabed, and a [ profile] sovay into our extremely tiny back bedroom! We somehow managed it, by cramming the table and the desk supplies into the closet and... well, it was complicated. But we managed.
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Well, the weekend went mostly as planned. Aside from a few snafus getting into Eleanor's house in Portland...and things not fitting into moving vans...and items of furniture that we'd planned on taking getting included in the sales agreement by accident...things went well. However, my brother's landlord flaked out and failed to show up to sign the lease, so he's homeless til tomorrow. At least. I hope they at least pay the extra fees on the Uhaul.
I, meantime, am completely wiped, having spent the weekend moving large pieces of furniture (ok, and playing on the beach), and all of today frantically packing and dealing with various last-minute issues. Now I'm collapsed on a couch, hoping I haven't forgotten about anything in either of these categories.
It hasn't really sunk in that I'm flying transatlantic tomorrow, not to return. I guess on previous trips I've had more leadup, more time exclusively devoted to planning and packing for a change of location. This time it was more like "try to work on background reading...try to work on background reading...Gah! I'm out of time! and must pack! but the landlord is tearing our apartment apart! and I'm spending next weekend in Maine!" The freneticism is not conducive to mental adjustment.
BUT I've returned all my library books, bought CT Limo tickets, cleaned out my carrel, thrown the stuff I'm leaving here into a kneewall, found my Barclaycard, gotten advice on banks from Grace's godmother, ironed my shirts, and (finally) dowloaded the schedule for my orientation session in Frankfurt. So I guess I'm about as ready as I'm going to be.
God I hope I'm right.

* * * * * * *

I'll post next from Frankfurt, since it looks like I'll have some spare time before things really get started. Wish me luck!


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