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OK, time to buckle down and do job applications. (The post-Mailroom euphoria has evaporated, due to the contemplation of my lack of income and structure. Seriously, I always forget how huge that last one is. Either that, or I need to find a career designing anachronistic architecture. And I'm pretty sure those don't exist.)

Also being reminded of the fact that job applicating tends to turn into a giant "WHO can write the best cover letter?" contest. And of how much I hate that fact.
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Edit to the edit: ...And find my SS card or, failing that, birth certificate, so that I can include a photocopy of them in the giant packet o' stuff. (This being the OTHER problem with having an expired passport: can't use it to verify my ID!)

Not on the list: Compile list of contacts for Sheffield- and Wakefield-area belltowers.
Guess which one I've already done?
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Not that I would actually VOTE for it, but I'd like to create a Christian Democratic Party for the US.

Basic tenets would include:

1) Restrictions on abortion
2) A moderately green environmental policy (particularly with regard to restrictions on emissions, more careful policing of CAFOs, etc.)
3) A moderately "hawkish" foreign policy: it would seek to "Stay the Course" in Iraq, but attempt to negotiate with Iran, and perhaps modify our policy toward Israel.
4) In favor of retaining or extending anti-poverty programs.
5) In favor of creating some form of national health-care system.
6) Opposition to tax cuts for corporations and wealthy individuals.
7) Opposition to gay marriage.
There would probably be a few more...

I'd also like to see a New American Party, a more viable Libertarian party, a "Meadow Party" (moderate Libertarianism, combined with fairly stiff environmental legislation) and the split-up of the Democrats into Democratic Labor and Progressive-Green caucuses.

[I'm a Democrat, myself, but the polarization between two parties (of whom one never has a well-defined platform, and neither have any new ideas) is getting absurd. A multi-party system would (hopefully) force parties both to define what they actually stand for AND to work together.]


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