Feb. 5th, 2017

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My old client from Germany unexpectedly dumped a project in my lap a couple of weeks ago, so much of this weekend has been spent either translating terms and conditions from German, or procrastinating from doing same.*

I also found time to do a couple of loads of laundry, eat some extremely delicious curry that my roommates were kind enough to offer me, and start learning how to ring Grandsire.** Oh, and sing a Candlemas service, which at CotA is...an experience. Fixing my car was supposed to happen, but instead they want me to bring it in on Tuesday.
Knee is slowly progressing toward healing, not helped by the fact that any pair of shoes other than sneakers and my now incredibly beat-up Rockports seems to make it worse. (My brother suggested trying insoles this afternoon: I may give that a shot.) But I managed a short run this afternoon, and it went ok. Not quite well enough that I want to try my usual 3-mile thing tomorrow, though. I think I'll go to handbell practice instead.

*Well, or "Stumbling around like a zombie because I procrastinated all afternoon and then stayed up til midnight working on it while consuming caffeine and sugar, and so only got like five hours of sleep."

** See The Nine Tailors, pp. 11-12 and passim in my edition.


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