Apr. 15th, 2017

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It would appear that the answer to the question I posed last time - Where do I go to buy a formal shirt? is simpler than I'd expected: take the T to Central Square. The new Target there hooked me up with a reasonable shirt* and some much-needed new boxers.
Perhaps more importantly, it turns out that the thrift shop across the way is actually awesome. The clothes are actually accurately sorted by size; the staff are sarcastic hipsters who may or may not be HIV sufferers, which is a definite step up from the permanently harried/indifferent staff at my local Goodwill. Anyway, one pink shirt, one slightly oversize*** Formality-flexible shirt that I'm wearing at the moment, another pair of khakis to replace some of the ones that my job keeps eating. About half the price of my total at Target.

I still spent what I think of as Way Too Much Money, even after I (luckily) reminded the salesperson at Target that I was due a $10 discount.
I will definitely be going back, though. At least to the Thrift Shop.
Anyone want to organize an Expotishun at some point?

...I should get my lunch made. More later.

* Actually, I have no idea whether it's ACTUALLY decent or whether it will self-destruct within a year, but meh. Still cheaper than J. Press, probably not much worse than I would have found at the mall.

I was simultaneously amused, tempted, and vaguely unsettled to find it in a rack of shirt/jacket combinations that appeared to have been designed as "You too can dress like a hipster! In one easy step!" Seriously, I'm fairly sure I have seen at least one of those combos on one or other of the beardy 20-somethings who make CotA their home.**

** As opposed to the clean-shaven twenty-somethings who appear to have entered a contest for "Who can look the MOST like a Young Republican?", who can also be seen at any given service there. There's also the compromise position of guys who look like they're cosplaying someone from the '20s.
Err, 1920s, that is. We'll find out what people wear in the 2020s in a couple of years, I guess. Anything from "Total revival of the 1920s" through "Unironic post-apocalyptic grunge" to Space-Chic seems possible.

***On me, dH. I probably need to regain some weight. People are starting to comment, though my "Hungry-and-not-quite-all-there" appearance last night at church was due to the fact that my traditional practice on Good Friday involves fasting from solid food until after whatever service I'm going to...and at CotA, that's one that STARTS at 6:30. But anyway, I'm thinking malted milkshake diet after Easter.


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