Jul. 11th, 2017

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Signs you've spent too much time doing random historical map research: you look at your Google directions for picking people up for Readercon, and think for a split second, "Hey, is that a Roman road?"

In other news, I had a dream last night that BRCF was going to pay me in Bitcoins, and also it turned out that Bitcoins were actually issued as physical objects--little blue plastic squares, labeled in red and gold "Good for Five (5) Bitcoins!" which you then had to redeem online.
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Sortof regretting not getting a room at Readercon for Friday night, as well as Saturday.

Not least because then I could have my own room party! I was thinking rum + sea shanty sing + Alestorm singalong, but that was just tentative...

I thought for a half second about seeing if I could book my room for a second night. Then I remembered that I am still poor.

(I mean, unless BRCF writes back tomorrow to say "OMG we thought that editing project last week was going to take you like twelve hours here have All The Money". A man can dream.)


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