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Various work-related $#!7:

Fustest: So my boss, after I'd told him I was leaving at some point in the near future, asked me to write out a letter of resignation, because the higher-ups had been asking for one; and so I did, but didn't specify an end date.
Allegedly, since that was the case, they are simply going to PICK my end date, based on when we get my replacement adequately trained. So I could be out of a job as early as next Friday.

The fact that I find it plausible either that my supervisor is screwing me over OR that the upper management of MRE are being a bunch of callous, shooting-themselves-in-the-foot cheese-parers is one more reason why I need to get out of this job.

As D. at bellringing last night put it: "I mean, it's good that you're finally getting out of there! But money is good too."
(Everyone at practice expressed congratulations that I was finally leaving this job. I guess I may have been bitching about it a bit. I guess they thought the bitching was deserved.)

But yeah. Unemployed in the near future. And...

2. I thought I was being hired by the Census. They're not replying to my emails, though.

3. On the other hand, it's a three-day weekend. Or, well, 3+ days, since [University]'s closing at 2 tomorrow.* And nothing planned on Saturday, 'cause practice got cancelled due to practically every ringer in the area road-tripping to Quebec. Anybody want to do a thing?

(Friday afternoon is going to be catch up on chores and make a strawberry-rhubarb crumble, unless somebody talks me into doing something more exciting. Sunday, of course, is choir followed by more choir followed by ringing followed by more ringing followed by Fall Over. Followed by contradancing. Monday, who knows?

More Later.

PS: Everyone remind me that I need to check twiddle pins!

* 3a. Supervisor, in one of his many questionable moves, is actually giving several people the ENTIRE day off; I volunteered to be the one to come in so as to have some leverage for taking half a day off NEXT week, to meet a friend of [personal profile] sovay's at his (ridiculously well-funded research-based) place of employment, in the hopes that having some of the people there actually know my face will increase my odds of getting hired there at some point...
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1. Written on a series of public transport options,* on the way to see my mother off home from Logan
In happier news, I now have a bike! Bought Friday off "the sketchy guy by Shaws" (as my roommate refers to him) at a comparatively low price. Consequently (well, consequent to that and to what happened to my last two bikes) I am now being paranoid about all the things that might be about to go wrong with it.
However, while having a bike again is something I have wanted for some years, my more immediate purpose--using it for exercise in lieu of jogging until my knee heals up--is not working as well as hoped. The inevitable stops and starts and periods of coasting, among other less identifiable factors, mean that it doesn't work as well for either exercise or loosening up the joint as does an exercise bike at the gym.

And also, I am left wondering whether I literally had testicles made of metal back when I used to cycle regularly. owwie.

2. At the airport, Mom presented me with her old computer! Yay, thanks Mom! I now have a computer with an actual battery!
She was also planning to pass me her old smartphone. While I like this idea in theory, I'd need to replace the SIM Card (since hers is British), and I doubt whether (a) my stupidphone uses the same type of Sim Card and (b) my ability to locate and remove it, given that my phone is so old that I'm not even sure what the model is. And finally, my PC phone company will just GIVE me a smartphone if I put myself in hack sign up for a two-year contract avec data plan, which would also save me the trouble of explaining to them that I'm switching phones and...
So yeah. Now all I need is an hour to spend on the phone with them.

3. Things to do:**
* Job applications (constant)
[Inc.: Mem. to keep checking the BC website]
* Bleach the shower
* Look up the benefits on (cruddy) website of (cruddy) insurance, to find out whether I'm paying for glasses frames out of pocket.***
w Buy said glasses
() Put on some KUEC and actually put my laundry away
w Bake bread for families with newborns (Sunday?)
() Schedule some time off Friday Sept. 30 and Sunday Oct. 3 DONE
() Look up train times for this purpose DONE
On a related note, find out how much time on what day I should take off to help Sovay move.
* Order smartphone
w Get watch(es?) fixed
() Find out what we're always looking across at from the Silver Line††
() Re-learn Persian alphabet††
w Car inspection (Sat. Sept. 17? Or find a place in Waltham?)
() Look at CoJ website?
() Fulbright website (et sim)?

*Unrelated footnote written at the time: Why is the African-American woman across from me on the train reading Ann Coulter? PLEASE tell me this is for a class or something.

** I'm writing this up because I've realized that I frankly suck at adulting, and I might as well write this here as anywhere.

*** For this: Get out both insurance cards, and check the info on the websites. Or find the paperwork--that might include it. (See above)

† OK, so there's a train that leaves Porter an hour later than the one I usually take. Even if, in the best/worst case scenario, I wake up hungover in someone else's bed, I think I can probably make that. Possibly even with my trousers on over my underwear.
And for Friday: 3:59 out of B/R. Take an abbreviated lunch and an hour of Personal Time: check.

†† Mostly just for the heck of it
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Quick announcements/Peter update/Explanation of my availability/unavailability over the next couple of months:

Friday-Sunday, Nov. 20-22: Peter visits. (Sovay or anyone, wanna go to the Aquarium? I mean, it'll my second visit in a month, but that's not a biggie...)

26 November: Thanksgiving! I get up at a normal hour, drive up to Maine, do dinner with Dan+Emily, and then probably stay in town til Friday night to hang out with them some more...

(28 November: I may still be in Maine, or I may have what passes for a normal Saturday in my life.)
(29 November: Presumably enormous hooplah at Church of the Advent.)

18 December: My office *mostly* shuts down for the year. Hence:
18-20 December: most likely dates for me to have Peter visit here...

21 December-?31 December: I will be out of the country visiting my Mom for Xmas.

The question mark over 31 December is because:
New Year's Eve: Hopefully NOT stuck in Newark Airport, although because I failed to read the fine print on Orbitz as I was booking flights, that's where they think I'll be...
(I'm gonna consult with Mom, and then United, to see if it makes sense to change flights, or just see if Amtrak is running.).
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In the mail today: three things with a Post Office logo on them!
The first was a small PO mailing envelope (which I mentally categorized as machinable, first-class, probably wouldn't quite fit in Universal, unlikely to be a problem) from 'sirus, which proved to contain a late Hanukkah present: one of the large stock of board games he was getting rid of! (Or, in my case, the sequel to my beloved Give Me The Brain.)

The other two actually WERE from the USPS. #1 was my W-2 tax form, of which I'd also received one from MECA; the other was an actual check. For less than I'd been expecting,* but still, hey, money.

This evening also featured making money: in this case, by inventorying a Nordstrom. Coulda been worse.

And this weekend is going to feature some combination of the following: possible acquisition of new ski boots; possible lunch at Silly's with Squigamunk and partner; cosplay dancing; running with the local running/drinking/exhibitionist club. So things are moderately looking up. Now all I need is for one of the job/housing possibilities in Boston to come through...!

* I think this is *probably* me miscalculating, rather than them trying to screw me over.
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Peter's here for a week, while his mother's at clergy camp. This is a slight problem because
1) About the only time I can, say, apply for jobs is right about now, viz., between 8 and 10 pm while wicked tiyahd.

2) It is finally raining. This plays hell with Findin' Stuff for Peter to Do (which otherwise defaults to Spend hours on the beach)...but we definitely do need it. I've never SEEN the Bearcamp River as low as it was on the way up to Plymouth.

3) It has just occured to me that ideally, I should get my paper for Kalamazoo started this week.* 'Cause after this week I'm going to be in Boston for a couple of days and/or dating (well, at least possibly going out for a drink and explaining why dating me might be a horrible idea to) Sexy Librarian Chick; and a week after that I'm going to be en route to Michigan. eep.
Sadly, my notes on Ritter Bilgeri von Heudorff are buried in a box that I have to hope is by my bed, and I don't want to wake Peter right now...

* Admittedly, people have started papers for Kazoo while on the plane before this. And I think "people" includes "my mother", so...
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So here's my life for the next week:

Thursday, 4 August:
4:30 Get home, find out what new disasters have happened in the rebuilding of our apartment, mail SECOND copy of rental agreement to landlord in Germany. gnash teeth. Go running to forget all this.
5:30 Pack, cook dinner
7:30 Grace gets home, hot and sweaty from day of planting trees
7:45 Dinner
9:00 Consume vast quantities of ice cream with assorted friends.
11:00 (we hope): My brother appears with enormous U-haul full of his stuff. Find place to PARK said U-haul. Move dresser from U-haul to bedroom; replace with the one that we currently have. Install brother on couch in room that's being rebuilt (hopefully...)

7:30 Heave self out of bed. Persuade brother to do likewise. Get on the road.
9:00 Eat enormous breakfast at O'Rourke's in Middletown.
Drive to Maine. Or rather Dan drives.

Friday-Saturday: Meet up with parents. Stay up til 2 AM cleaning EVERYTHING out of family house. Hold enormous tag sale for some of it; put rest in U-haul.

Sunday, 7 Aug: Drive U-haul south to Portland. Hope brother has apartment. Grace joins us to move Dan into the apartment (if it exists) and put everything else in storage or Dad's girlfriend's house. Collapse.

Monday: Drive back to CT, making stopover at Grace's godparents' summer house to relax. Dinner with Grace's family; say goodbye to crazy sisters-in-law, before one of them decamps to London.
People I know moving to Europe is getting to be a theme. I wonder why...

Tuesday: Frantic last-minute packing, clean out carrel.

Wednesday: Throw last things in bags. Take Connecticutt Limo to JFK. Fly to Germany.

So if you're wondering why you don't hear from me between now and whenever, you'll know why!
choco_frosh: Image of the Konradigasse (former {Hof-]Schreibergasse) in Konstanz, where I lived in 2005-6 (s'gasse)
[with apologies to Harper's Index, Susan Townsend, and Margaret...
and really, to everyone reading this ;-) ]

Days until I leave for Germany: 15 (eep!)
Of these, number that will be spent driving to Maine, moving everything out of old house, and coming back: 4.
Days until Great Big Sea is performing at Toad's: 17 (grr. Everybody go, dance, scream along to the lyrics, and think of me. Fulbright orientation is unlikely that much fun)

Boxes of books stacked in my sister-in-law's bedroom: 6.
Additional boxes that will be joining them: 3 (large).
...that will be shipped across the Atlantic: 1
Papers, miscellaneous, to be sorted and boxed or thrown out: depressing numbers.

Library books waiting to be returned on bottom shelf of smallest bookcase: 15
Number of these that I have more than skimmed: maybe three.
Current year in my current Civilization III game: AD 1575.

Pages of notes on Maurer's Konstanz im Mittelalter: 33 and counting.
(not counting maps, diagrams, and bibliography)
Days until it's due: 1
Days until I meet Maurer: 70 (est.)

Number of students from my TA sections last semester who area still in town and keep bumping into me: at least 4.

Things I would like to know (random):
--where I am going to sleep between Sept. 24 and Oct 1.
--whether I should pack my dinner jacket.
--bibliographic information on guides to the archives of the Thurgau, Konstanz, and Freiburg, and of private collections in the region.
--German words for "cell phone family plan"
--ideal number of people to consume one Downside Watson.


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