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The chair in my carrel seems to have acquired a cushion. It’s light blue polyester, and rather stained, but it unquestionably does keep my behind more comfortable as I sit here typing this. I guess it belongs to the undergrad who was usurping my work space yesterday evening, who was rather surprised when I showed up to reclaim it, and still more surprised when I nonchalantly reached over her to grab my gloves and hat from the shelf, and asked her to pass me the book on the end of the row. I expect at some point she’ll return to reclaim it, trying to remember where she came to study in peace and quiet a day ago. But for the moment, it’s keeping the calluses on my butt under control. Read more... )
choco_frosh: Image of the Konradigasse (former {Hof-]Schreibergasse) in Konstanz, where I lived in 2005-6 (s'gasse)
[with apologies to Harper's Index, Susan Townsend, and Margaret...
and really, to everyone reading this ;-) ]

Days until I leave for Germany: 15 (eep!)
Of these, number that will be spent driving to Maine, moving everything out of old house, and coming back: 4.
Days until Great Big Sea is performing at Toad's: 17 (grr. Everybody go, dance, scream along to the lyrics, and think of me. Fulbright orientation is unlikely that much fun)

Boxes of books stacked in my sister-in-law's bedroom: 6.
Additional boxes that will be joining them: 3 (large).
...that will be shipped across the Atlantic: 1
Papers, miscellaneous, to be sorted and boxed or thrown out: depressing numbers.

Library books waiting to be returned on bottom shelf of smallest bookcase: 15
Number of these that I have more than skimmed: maybe three.
Current year in my current Civilization III game: AD 1575.

Pages of notes on Maurer's Konstanz im Mittelalter: 33 and counting.
(not counting maps, diagrams, and bibliography)
Days until it's due: 1
Days until I meet Maurer: 70 (est.)

Number of students from my TA sections last semester who area still in town and keep bumping into me: at least 4.

Things I would like to know (random):
--where I am going to sleep between Sept. 24 and Oct 1.
--whether I should pack my dinner jacket.
--bibliographic information on guides to the archives of the Thurgau, Konstanz, and Freiburg, and of private collections in the region.
--German words for "cell phone family plan"
--ideal number of people to consume one Downside Watson.


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