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Being a review of Robin McKinley's Pegasus, plus about half a review of C.J. Cherryh's Rider at the Gate and Naomi Novik's everything.

“Preface: )"OK, if you had a Mercedes Lackey-style animal companion thing going on, how would that Really work in practice?”

I am speaking, of course, about C.J. Cherryh’s Rider at the Gate books and Robin McKinley’s Pegasus. Read more... )

*** Except for the endings. I think Hero and the Crown is the only thing I've read of hers where she actually sticks the ending.

NOTE: I started this review right after Readercon, and then it mouldered on my desktop for several weeks. Tonight I was feeling restless and angry and useless, and so decided I might as well get THIS done, anyway; except I'd forgotten about half the more cleverly vitriolic things I was gonna say about Pegasus. Oh well, have a review.
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1) Immediately before and after Readercon last summer, my reading focused largely on novels involving people trying not to (a) starve to death and/or (b) fuck their relatives.

This summer, it appears that the new theme is: women who discover, in the aftermath of horribly traumatic sexual experiences, that they weren't interested in guys to begin with anyway.*

Both lists feature ass-kicking heroines in some version of dark-age Britain.

1a) re: A Free Man of Color: That one chapter may have set some kind of record for greatest number of unexpected-but-shouldn't-have-been-unexpected revelations per chapter in any book ever.

2) *If* all goes as planned I will be ringing my first quarter peal on August 7! Sovay (and anybody else who might conceivably be interested), it'll be at Old North from about noon to 12:45 or so: feel free to drop by.

3) It is way too fucking hot.

* ETA: Oh, that and people getting supernatural protection that they hadn't asked for, from gods not their own, which none the less ends up saving their rear ends.
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Squigamunk came over this morning, and we packed all the things.
Well, not ALL the things. She came over to help with the books, and we ended up getting most of my library, excl. cookbooks, children's books, and stuff I'm trying to read. In about an hour. So then things kinda spiraled from there, and so now the space formerly occupied by my bookshelf in here is now boxes stacked waist high, there's a box marked "Fragile--Paintings!" on the bottom shelf of the OTHER bookcase, and the trunk of my car has most of my personal china and cooking equipment. (We moved it down because there's no safe way for one person to carry the damn' thing, 'cause we packed it in one of the mid-to-large-sized LL Bean boxes that she'd brought along. And we packed it because I figure I can just use Mitbewohner's stuff for the next couple of weeks.*
Squigamunk rocks. Especially since she was running on less than an hour of sleep.

(I *will* still need help boxing up the last things and hauling everything down the stairs to whatever vehicle I'm using, though.)

Meantime, job applications. Tomorrow: the Gardner; tonight I finished up an application to paralegal for an environmental lawyer, which would ALSO be pretty cool.
Umm, anybody want to proofread it?
I'm always afraid I've included some obvious typo. )</small
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Holy f^<#1n' $#!7....

I didn't realize before that the guy for whom I was editing Rorschach was also one half of the twins in Please Don't Eat the Daisies. Which means I grew up laughing at stories about him...

My brain go explode now.


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